Department Chair: Janet Grochowski

Faculty: Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Delbert Brobst, Jeanne Cofell, Susan Cogdill, Melisa Dick, Shannon Essler-Petty, Luke Feierabend, Diana Fenton, James Forsting, Janet Grochowski, Kristi Hendricks, Madeleine Israelson, Theresa Johnson, Jason Kirsch, Michael Leach,  Carol Merriman, Mark Mortrude, Brian Mumma, Alicia Peters, Natalie Prasch, Terri Rodriguez, Lynn Schnettler, Allison Spenader, Gretchen Starks-Martin, Kari Weber.

The education department prepares women and men for teaching careers in elementary, middle school and secondary education. Courses of study currently prepare students academically to apply for licensure in elementary education for grades K-6 with an optional endorsement in communication arts and literature for grades 5-8, mathematics for grades 5-8, science for grades 5-8, world language (French, German, or Spanish) for grades K-8, middle and secondary education in Communication Arts and Literature, Mathematics, Social Science, and Sciences for grades 5-12, as well as K-12 licensure in World Language, Art, Music, and Teaching English as a Second Language in the State of Minnesota.  These programs are approved and accredited by the Minnesota State Board of Teaching (MBOT). In addition, the Education Department is fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

The Education Department seeks to develop teachers who are committed to high standards of learning and professional ethics. Our shared vision places reflective decision-making at the heart of the teaching process. We emphasize active decision-making which is intentional, value-based, and which reflects a rational consideration of alternatives. We believe teachers must have a firm grasp of a diverse, research-based body of knowledge. Likewise, the Benedictine values of concern for community; respect for all persons; and balance of mind, body and spirit are cornerstones of our program. Through an on-going reflective process, students incorporate their knowledge and values into their personal philosophy and practice of teaching.

Students are strongly advised to contact the Education Department during their first year to become aware of the current program requirements and devise a course plan. Programs are subject to change according to the Minnesota Board of Teaching licensure guidelines.

Admission to Teacher Education

Students must make formal application to the Education Department for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Application is made while students are enrolled in EDUC 310. Applicants are required to meet criteria specified in the online Education Department Handbook prior to acceptance by the department. In addition to these specific admission requirements, all students must complete the following:

  1. It is mandated by the Minnesota Department of Education that all students applying for acceptance into any Teacher Education Licensure Program in Minnesota must take a basic skills exam (Reading, Writing and Math) designated by the MN Board of Teaching.  Passing scores must be achieved before acceptance into the Education program and application for teacher licensure can be made in Minnesota.  Students must take the tests in their first year of college or during the summer prior to their sophomore year. (More information is available in the Education Department upon request.) NOTE: Students may be exempt from taking the Basic Skills tests if they have an ACT Composite score of 22 or above AND a combined ACT English-Writing score of 21 or above.  Verification of these scores is required.

  2. Students requesting admission to any Education Program are assessed on their writing skills and must achieve competency at the basic level (or above). The writing assessment takes place while students are enrolled EDUC 111.

  3. Education students must maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.50 or above. They must also carry a G.P.A. of 2.50 or above in the courses of the Education sequence and in their major sequence, and in their area of endorsement. In addition, a grade of C or above is required in all major/minor/endorsement courses.
  4. Students must complete the Education Department application paperwork and a structured interview. (Forms and specific directions are available from the Education Department Secretary.) The application procedure must be completed during the semester that the student is registered for EDUC 310.
  5. Students must successfully complete the speech proficiency requirement in one of the following ways prior to application to the major/minor:
    • proof of a formal high school speech course in grade 10 or above with a grade of B or higher;
    • pass the Speech Evaluation in EDUC 111;
    • successfully complete a college level speech course.

Additional requirements for acceptance and retention are specifically outlined in the Teacher Education Handbook which can be found on the Education Department homepage under "Student Resources". Students must follow these requirements carefully and be aware of revisions that are made each year.

Criminal Background Checks

All students applying for a Minnesota Teaching License are required to complete a criminal background check. Forms for this process are available in the Education Department. The procedure will be facilitated by the chair of the Education Department. A background check is required prior to all field experiences and student teaching and must be updated every two years, or as required by the district in which a student is placed.

Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams (MTLE)

All graduates seeking a Minnesota teaching license must pass the MTLE tests in their area(s) of expertise. The MTLE tests include content area exams as well as Pedagogy exams appropriate for the licensure grade level.

Major in Elementary Education (K-6) with Optional 5-8 Endorsement

In addition to the major course requirements, all elementary education majors may choose to complete an academic endorsement in one of the following areas: Communication Arts and Literature, Mathematics, Science, or a language (French, German, or Spanish).  This endorsement prepares one to teach this subject in grades 5-8 for communication arts and literature, mathematics, science and K-8 for languages.  See the Education Department page for further information regarding the 5-8/K-8 endorsements.

Basic Requirements (78-87 credits)
Required Courses:
109, 111, 150, 151, 203, 212, 215, 305, 310, 313, 315, 318, 323, 325, 333, 334, 347, 356 (for K-8 world language endorsement only), 358 (for communication arts and literature, mathematics, and science endorsements), 359, 360 (for K-6 license only), 361 (for K-8 license), 390, MATH 121 and 180, and COMM 200 or evidence of fulfillment of the speech requirement.

Minor in Secondary Education (grades 5-12) (44-46 credits)

Students who minor in secondary education for grades 5-12 take a teaching major in one of the following areas: English-language arts, mathematics, science, social science or theology. All secondary education students should see the Education Department Advisor or Chair during their first year for planning purposes.

Minor in K-12 Education (39-46 credits)

Teaching majors are also available in the following K-12 areas: art, instrumental music or vocal music, or world languages (French, German or Spanish).

*Note: 5-12 and K-12 education minors may be required to take a ninth semester, overloads and/or summer school to fulfill state of Minnesota licensure requirements. Secondary and K-12 minors are urged to contact the education department during their first year for advice on the Minnesota State licensing requirements. Additional information is in the Education Department Handbook.

K-12 Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)  (59-60 credits)

Following are the requirements for this minor:

EDUC 109, 111, 203, 212 or 213, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 310, 359, 390, ENGL 387, and one 4 credit sociocultural/intercultural course and a 16 credit student teaching experience.  NOTE:  This course sequence does not constitute a major.

TEIL Minor, Non-Teaching (24 Total Credits). A minor is also available in Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL). This minor may be attached to any major.

Following are the courses required for this minor: EDUC 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, ENGL 387, and one sociocultural/intercultural course.

Education Course Requirements for 5-12 and K-12 Secondary Minors: (according to major)

Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Theology (5-12)
109, 111, 203, 213, 305, 310, 352, 355, 358, 359, 362, 390, and fulfillment of speech requirement.

Biology, Chemistry or Physics (9-12)
A 9-12 license is available in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics provided a major in a subject area is attained. The Education course requirements are the same as those listed for the 5-12 license, excluding EDUC 358. Students interested in the 9-12 license should seek information from the Education Department chair to make sure all requirements are understood. 

World Languages (French, German or Spanish) (K-12)
109, 111, 203, 213, 305, 310, 341, 359, 363, 390, and fulfillment of speech requirement. *WORLD LANGUAGE STUDENTS: Must demonstrate oral and written proficiency in major language for licensure.

English-Language Arts (5-12)
109, 111, 203, 213, 216, 305, 310, 352, 355, 358, 359, 362, 390, and COMM 200.

Art K-12
109, 111, 203, 213, 305, 310, 340, 352, 359, 363, 390, and fulfillment of the speech requirement.

Instrumental and/or Vocal Music K-12
109, 111, 203, 213, 305, 310, 321, 322, 352, 359, 363, 390, and fulfillment of the speech requirement.

Courses (EDUC)