Saint John's University Mission and Vision

Mission of Saint John's University

Saint John's University fosters the vitality of community through learning and the pursuit of wisdom.  Striving for excellence, we unite the wisdom of Catholic social teaching and intellectual tradition with the practicality of the common life envisioned by Saint Benedict.

Vision for the College of Arts and Sciences

Saint John's University seeks to be one of the nation's great Catholic liberal arts colleges by providing the best holistic learning experience for men in the country.  We will inspire undergraduate men to new heights of intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development that is informed by ethical reflection and grounded in our Catholic and Benedictine tradition.

Mission of the School of Theology•Seminary

Saint John's School of Theology•Seminary rooted in the Catholic and Benedictine tradition, educates men and women for ordained and lay ministry in the church.

Vision for the School of Theology•Seminary

Saint John's School of Theology•Seminary, cultivating its Catholic, Benedictine tradition, excels as an influential community of theological learning where study, prayer, and hospital dialogue expand understanding and deepen vocation fot he sake of building up vibrant Christian communities.


Dedicated to the pursuit of understanding, wisdom, and the common good, Saint John's University is committed to the following values:

  • Community built upon relationships of hospitality, respect, cooperation, and challenge.
  • Openness to learning, inquiry, beauty, truth, and difference.
  • Respect for persons, tradition, creativity, experience, faith, reason, and religious practice.
  • Depth in understanding, relationships, faith, and spirituality.
  • Sacredness of God, being, truth, place, nature, and knowledge.
  • Passion for excellence, truth, learning, beauty, love, and personal growth.