German Studies

Major in German Studies (38 credits)

Required Courses:

212; 324 or 325;   one 4-credit course in Period (330, 333, 337, or 355); one 4-credit course in Genre (342, 345, 356); one 4-credit course in Theme (349, 350, 357); 16 additional upper-division credits (may include up to 8 credits in English from the list below); 399.

Major in German Studies/Secondary Education (38 credits)

Required Courses:
Same as concentration in German Studies.

See the education department listing for minor requirements.

Minor (20 credits)

Required Courses:
212; 16 additional upper-division credits (may include up to 4 credits in English from the list below).

COURSES TAUGHT IN ENGLISH  (8 credits from the following may be applied to the major; 4 credits may be applied to the minor). 

ART 350       Offered in Austria (4)
PHIL 321      Offered in Austria (4)
POLS 341      Offered in Austria (4)
COLG 385     Offered in Austria (4)
HIST 344      Offered on campus (4)

Students interested in an interdisciplinary major (language and literature, history, philosophy, and the fine arts) are encouraged to see European Studies for details.

Courses taught abroad

115 Elementary German I Abroad.
116 Elementary German II Abroad.
200 Intensive German Language & Culture.
215 Intermediate German I Abroad.
301 Intensive German Language & Culture.
315 Conversation and Composition I Abroad.
316 Conversation and Composition II Abroad.
360 Advanced Grammar Abroad.
361 Selected Topics.
362 German Literature.

Courses (GERM)