Saint John's University Staff

Note: * Identifies joint positions

*Carol Abell
Director of Human Resources

John Adix
Psychologist & Coordinator of Substance Abuse Program

David Allaway
Sales Director Eastern Region, Bible Heritage Program

Bob Alpers
Head Golf Coach, Recreation Director and Assistant Athletic Director 

*Ann Alvord
Desktop Support/Help Desk Manager, IT Services 

Peter Amann
Senior Development Officer, Institutional Advancement

*Karen Backes
Dean of Admission

Mary Beth Banken
Director of Admission, School of Theology-Seminary

*Adam Bauer
Media Services Manager, Libraries

Dennis Beach, OSB
Faculty Resident

Scott Bierscheid
Head Athletics Trainer

*Tanya Boettcher
Benefits Specialist, Human Resources Department

John Bowe
Tennis Head coach

Richard Bresnahan
Artist‑in‑Residence & Director of the Pottery Studio 

*Rebecca Medvec-Brown
Assistant Director International Student Services

*Glenda Burgeson
Director of Editorial Services, Office of Marketing & Communications

Jennifer Cahoy
Senior Administrative Director, Institutional Advancement

William Cahoy
Dean-School of Theology-Seminary

*Laurie Callaway
Admission Representative

Rajiv Chaphalkar
Director of Annual Giving, Institutional Advancement

*John Clarkson
Associate Director of Career Services

*Tiffany Clements
Social Media Specialist, Office of Marketing & Communications

John Cofell
Life Safety Sergeant, Life Safety Services 

Michael Connolly
Dean of Students

Michael Cummings
Senior Development Officer, Institutional Advancement

*Adam Dahl
Production Manager, Fine Arts Programming

*Faith Dammann
Assistant Director of Student Activities

*Matthew Davis
Admission Representative

*Mary Dehler
Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid 

*Melisa Dick
Director of Elementary Student Teaching, Education Department

*Andrew Dirksen
Directorof Student Activities and Faculty Resident

Ian Dommer, OSB
Chaplain, Director of Campus Ministry and Faculty Resident

*Jill Dubbeldee Kuhn
Gallery Manager, Fine Arts Programming

Brendon Duffy
Senior Advancement Communication Writer, Institutional Advancement

Damien Dumonceaux
Assistant Football Coach and Assistant Track and Field Coach

*Theresa Durbin 
Senior Associate Director of Admission

James Dwyer
Director of Planned Giving, Institutional Advancement

Joseph Eichorn
Faculty Resident

Grace Ellens
Director of Development, School of Theology-Seminary 

John Elton
Landscape Manager

Jennifer Emery
Electronic Communication Associate, Institutional Advancement

Patricia Epsky    
Chief of Staff & Executive Assistant to the President

*Marlene Ergen
Employment Manager, Human Resources Department

*Karen Erickson
Academic Dean

*Michael Ewing  
Director of Counseling & Health Promotion 

*Molly Ewing
Humanities Librarian

Gary Fasching
Head Football Coach

*Paola Bello Forero
Chemistry Lab Manager

Troy Fritz
Executive Director of Major Gifts, Institutional Advancement

*Carol Gadd-Marshall
Assistant Director of Admission

James Gagliardi
Assistant Football Coach, Director of Football Operations & Compliance Officer 

*Sarah Gainey
Arboretum Assistant Director for Environmental Education 

Adria Gillitzer
Administrative Manager and Dietician, Dining Service

Lori Gnahn
Senior Graphic Designer/Advancement Communications, Institutional Advancement

Mary Gouge
Copy Center and Campus Mail Center Coordinator 

*James Gramke
Information Technology Security Manager, IT Services

*Julie Gruska

Daniel Gullo
Curator, HMML

Tracy Gust
Senior Accountant, Business Office 

Hans Gustafson
Associate Director, Jay Phillips Center

Eva Haber
Manager of Custodial Operations and Services 

*Laura Hammond
Assistant Director, Experiential Learning & Community Engagement

Gloria Hardy
Assistant Director, Benedictine Institute

*Heidi Harlander
Director of Career Services 

Sharon Hartmann
Payroll Manager

Jerome Haugen
Head Baseball Coach and Assistant Football Coach

John Haws
Head Soccer Coach

Kole Heckendorf
Assistant Football Coach

Matthew Heintzelman
Curator, Austrian/German Study, HMML

*Michael Hemmesch
Executive Director of Public Relations

Adam Herbst
Director of Alumni Relations, Institutional Advancement

Thomas Herges   
Cash Operations Manager, Sexton Dining

Roger Hoffman
Operations Manager, Dining Service 

Eric Hollas, OSB
Senior Associate for Arts and Culture, Institutional Advancement

Denise Holstand
Planned Gifts Associate, Institutional Advancement

Jessie Johnson
Youth in Theology and Ministry Lilly Project Coordinator, School of Theology-Seminary 

*Josiah Johnson
Web Programmer, IT Services

Edmund Kain
Alumni Relations Officier, Institutional Advancement

Jeremy Karger-Gatzow
Head Track and Field Coach

Jeffrey Kaster
Director of Youth in Theology and Ministry Program, School of Theology-Seminary 

*Jason Kelly 
Assistant Dean & Director of Academic Advising

Mark Kelly
Supervisor of Grounds

Jeanne Kenevan
Admission Marketing Director, School of Theology-Seminary

*Gabrielle Kephart
Admission Representative

Walter Kieffer, OSB
Faculty Resident

James Kimeu     
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Faculty Resident

*Lori Klapperich
Assistant Director of Health Promotion

Nick Kleespie, OSB
Faculty Resident

Victor Klimoski
Director of Lifelong Learning, School of Theology-Seminary 

Ryan Klinkner
Athletics Media Relations Director, Office of Marketing & Communications 

Jacob Koehler
Operations Manager, Institutional Advancement

Jeana Koenig
Financial Systems Manager & Director of Student Accounts

*Kelly Kraemer
Business and Marketing Librarian

Tom Kroll
Land Manager and Director of the Arboretum

James Kuhn
Associate Director of Annual Giving, Institutional Advancement

Michael Kwatera, OSB
Faculty Resident

*Deborah Lehman
Director of Community Outreach, Fine Arts Programming 

Jonathan Licari, OSB
Faculty Resident  

Erin Lonergan
Director of Development, HMML 

*Kyhl Lyndgaard
Director, CSB/SJU Writing Centers & First Year Seminar 

*David Malone
Fine Arts Librarian

*Angela Mareck
Director of Student Employment

Arthur Martinez
Culinary Manager/Chef, Dining Service

*Tasha Marwitz
Associate Director of Financial Aid 

JoAnn Matheny
Stewardship Coordinator, Institutional Advancement

Edward Matthews
Associate Cataloger-Eastern Christian, HMML

Doris Matter
Director of Communications for the President

*Nichole Matuska
Global Programs Coordinator

Daniel McAvey
Director of Residential Life

*Kathleen McCarney
Assistant Director of Admission 

Adam McCollum
Lead Cataloger-Eastern Christian, HMML

Rene McGraw, OSB
Faculty Resident

Patrick McKenzie
Head Basketball Coach

Jennifer Meyer
Investment Manager, Business Office

Timothy Miles
Head Cross Country Coach 

Ryan Minnehan
Assistant Director. Annual Giving/Reunion & Faculty Resident

Chris Morgan
Faculty Resident

Daniel Morgan
Assistant Director for Student Conduct

*John Muggli
Network Engineer, IT Services

Doug Mullin, OSB
Vice President of Student Development & Faculty Resident

*Brian Mumma
Director of Teacher Education, Education Department

Donald Neary
Senior Development Officer, Institutional Advancement

*Bridget Nordlund

Assistant Director of Admission/Marketing

Brandon Novak
Head Wrestling Coach and Assistant Football Coach 

Connor O'Brien
Assistant Basketball Coach

Tory Oelfke
Assistant Director of Housing

*Michael Orts
Admission Representative

Kenneth Osborne
Controller, Business Office

*Michael Palmiscno
Admission Representative

*James Parsons
Associate Director for Research and Reference, Libraries

*Stuart Perry
Executive Director of Financial Aid

Chris Pflueger
Life Safety Sergeant, Life Safety Services

Simon-Hoa Phan, OSB
Faculty Resident

Robin Pierzina, OSB
Faculty Resident

Cary Pogatchnik
Senior Accountant, Business Office

*Cory Quirk Becker
Admission Representative

Noah Raiche
Assistant Director of Events and Conference Services

Kyle Rauch
Assistant Director of Environmental Education

Alan Reed, OSB
Curator of Art and Artifacts, HMML

Paul Richards, OSB
Faculty Resident

*John Rocky
Business Intelligence Manager, IT Services

*Joseph Rogers
Director of the Center for Global Education

Justin Rost
Assistant Athletic Training

*Mary Ruble
Director of Admission – IS  

*Joy Ruis
Assistant DirectoryEducation Abroad Advisor

*Thomas Sagerhorn
Disabilities Specialist, Academic Advising

Mary Sagissor
Director of Prospect Development, Institutional Advancement

*Christine Sales
Assistant Director, Bookstore

William Saxton
Head Swimming & Diving Coach

Jeremy Scegura
Assistant Controller, Business Office

Kevin Schiltz
Equipment Manager and Assistant Wrestling Coach

William Schipper, OSB
Faculty Resident

David Schoenberg
Executive Director of Dining Service/Special Events 

Douglas Schueller
Head Hockey Coach 

*Lynn Schultz
Physics Department Lab Coordinator and Equipment Manager

Jean Scoon
Executive Director of Advancement Communications, Institutional Advancement

Aelred Senna, OSB
Faculty Resident

*Mark Shimota
Assistant Director, Academic Advising 

*Joseph Singewald
Technical Manager, Art Department

*Dan Sis
Media Services Manager/Video Engineer

Eileen Smith
Metadata Librarian, HMML

*Gregory Stein
Senior Lan Client Administrator, IT Services

*Anthony Stephens
Lead Network Engineer, IT Services

Columba Stewart
Executive Director of Hill Museum and Manuscript Library & Vice President for Program Relations

Tom Stock  
Athletic Director

William Straub
Web Developer, HMML

*Mary Sullivan
International Recruitment Asst/Data Analyst

Barbara Sutton
Associate Dean, Formation and Outreach for the School of Theology-Seminary 

Don Talafous, OSB
Alumni Association Chaplain, Institutional Advancement

Timothy Ternes
Director of Saint John's Bible & Museum 

Hilary Thimmesh, OSB
Faculty Resident

Wayne Torborg
Director of Digital Collections and Imaging, HMML

James Triggs
Executive Director of the Heritage Program 

*Joshua Trutwin
Linux Systems Administrator, IT Services

Rebecca Van Ness
Director of Spiritual Direction, School of Theology-Seminary

Joseph Vardas
Assistant Director of Athletics Marketing, Assistant Coach for Cross Country and Track & Field

*Megan Vetsch
Operations and Marketing Manager, Fine Arts Programming

Shawn Vierzba
Director of Life Safety Services

Todd Vierzba
Life Safety Sergeant, Life Safety Services 

*Tom Voller-Berdan
Director of Admission – Marketing

Patricia Weishaar
Director of Student Services & Faculty Support, School of Theology-Seminary

*Sharon Wenner
Academic Advisor 

Kerry Werlinger
Executive Assistant, Bible Heritage Program

Cathy Wieme
Director of Advancement Services, Institutional Advancement

*Adrian Wijasa
Banner Programmer/Analyst, IT Services

*Christopher Wing
Assistant Director of Academic Review & Curricular Advancement

Jeffrey Wubbels
Director of Events and Conference Services

*David Wuolu
Collections and Development Librarian 

John Young
Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Stephanie Young
Accountant, Business Office

Jason Ziegler
Faculty Resident