Physical Therapy

Advisor: Don Fischer

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University offer a pre-professional program in physical therapy. Students complete prerequisite coursework as outlined by the various accredited schools of physical therapy. Upon completion of the pre-professional coursework, the student is eligible to apply to colleges and universities offering a post graduate degree in physical therapy. Majors that students frequently pursue along with the pre-physical therapy requirements are: biology, natural science, psychology, and nutrition.

The following courses are identified by the University of Minnesota, Mayo School of Health Related Sciences, the College of St. Scholastica and the University of St. Catherine as part of their required prerequisites: BIOL 121, 221, 325 and 326; CHEM 125 & 201 and 250 & 202; MATH 124 or PSYC 221; PHYS 105 and 106; PSYC 111, 360 and/or 381; COLG 121. Additional courses may be required and the student may need to complete summer coursework in order to complete the graduate school application requirements in four years.

Due to the specific prerequisite courses that each physical therapy school requires, students are strongly encouraged to work closely with the faculty advisor in planning their pre-professional program. Students should meet with the campus advisor early in the fall semester of their first year.