Veterinary Medicine

Advisor: Barbara May 

A program in pre-veterinary medicine with concentration in biology and chemistry is available. Entrance requirements for schools of veterinary medicine vary; students should inform themselves of the courses required by the school which they plan to attend. Generally, students complete a bachelor's degree with a major in biology, chemistry or natural science before applying to a school of veterinary medicine.

The following courses are recommended as generally fulfilling pre-requisites for schools of veterinary medicine: BIOL 121, 221, 307, 316, 317 or CHEM 331; CHEM 125, 250, 234 with the additional suggested labs (counted for credit); PHYS 105, 106; MATH 123 or 119; a minimum of 8 credits selected from economics, government, history, psychology and sociology; a minimum of 8 credits selected from art, music, literature, humanities and theater.