Modern and Classical Literature in Translation Courses (MCLT)

Modern and Classical Literature in Translation Courses (MCLT)

319 East Asian Literature in Translation. (4)
A study of Japanese, Chinese and other East Asian literary traditions.

319C Transnational Japan (4)
A study of the diverse and complicated picture of modern Japan that has always been transnational and transcultural.

327 Classical Mythology. (4)
A study of the myths of the classical world through ancient literature and modern retellings, with particular emphasis on the ordering of the natural world, the relations between humans and divinities, and the nature of heroic life. Authors include Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and selected modern authors such as John Updike, Mary Renault, Margaret Atwood, and Woody Allen.

368 Comparative Literature. (4)
Offered in conjunction with specially-designed advanced literature courses in French, German, Spanish, or classics. Students will meet alternately with the class of majors and as a separate group, reading the texts in translation. Appropriate works from other national literatures will normally complement the basic works in the original. May be repeated for credit.

371 Individual Learning Project. (1-4)
Supervised reading or research at the upper-division level. Permission of department chair and completion and/or concurrent registration of 12 credits within the department required. Not available to first-year students.

397 Internship. (4-8)
Individual projects tailored to student needs/career. Prerequisite: consent of department chair.

Courses taught abroad

331 Greek Literature in Translation.
332 Roman Literature in Translation.