Academic Skills

Academic skills courses are designed to develop academic skills for students of every ability. Services are also available on a short-term basis.

Major (None)

Minor (None)

Courses (ACSC)

104 Efficient Reading. (1-2)
A diagnostic battery of vocabulary and reading. Study of college vocabulary; reading improvement in speed and comprehension through lectures and exercises. A-F grading only.

106 Math Skills. (4)
The course will be problem-oriented - solving problems dealing with the real world and acquiring the skills needed to solve these problems. Passing the math proficiency test will be incorporated into the course. Topics to be covered are: whole numbers and operations; fractions, decimals, percents, and operations; ratio and proportion and applications; basic algebraic concepts, basic geometric concepts. Permission of Academic Advising Director is required. S/U grading only.

111 Math Preparation. (1)
A review of basic mathematics, including arithmetic skills, beginning algebra, and geometry. Emphasis will be placed on awareness and acquisition of problem-solving techniques. This course is designed for students who need a review to prepare for the math proficiency exam, but is also appropriate for others who would like to brush up on their math in preparation for upcoming classes. S/U grading only.

115 Efficient Writing. (1-2)
This course will provide the opportunity to write clearly and concisely, using standard English. Students will build vocabulary, explore grammatical conventions and reinforce critical thinking skills. Course offered for A-F grading only