Continuing Education

Saint Benedict's and Saint John's provide on-campus educational opportunities for the part-time adult learner on a space-available basis. Persons with full-time occupations other than that of student are welcome to register in continuing education for 11 or fewer credits per semester. Anyone applying for continuing education must have been out of high school or college for at least two years, except as noted. With verification of degree completion, CSB/SJU alumnae/i may enroll in continuing education the semester following the completion of their baccalaureate degree. Special reduced tuition rates are set for continuing education students. Continuing education students should be aware their course registration follows the registration period for regularly matriculated students, and they are ineligible for most types of financial aid.

Courses throughout the entire undergraduate curriculum of the colleges are available through continuing education. Adults taking these courses enroll at Saint Benedict's if they are women and Saint John's if they are men.

Continuing education students are subject to all college academic policies regarding probation, dismissal and readmission. 

Continuing education students may be:

(1) adults taking classes for personal enrichment without working toward any particular degree.

These students may enroll without abiding by a formal admission process. These courses may not be used towards completion of a baccalaureate degree from the colleges until the student formally applies for admission as a degree-seeking student and is admitted as such to the college.

(2) adults taking classes in order to complete a baccalaureate degree.

New, returning or transfer students in this category must submit high school and college transcripts from previously attended schools and formally apply to the Office of Admission and be (re)admitted to CSB/SJU.

(3) adults taking a variety of special academic programs.

Saint John's offers a part-time study program for adults with a bachelor's degree (or its academic equivalent) who wish to take graduate level theology courses in the School of Theology. Students can take no more than three graduate credits in a given semester and cannot be enrolled in a degree program in the School of Theology. Auditors are allowed on a space-available basis. Both men and women can enroll in this program; special tuition rates apply. For further information contact the dean of the School of Theology at Saint John's.

Both colleges sponsor Elderhostel study programs each summer, as well as periodic special academic programs which carry continuing education units. (No credit applicable towards a baccalaureate degree is earned, nor is a permanent transcript created of this work.)

Post-baccalaureate adults seeking continuing education enrollment for licensure completion or second degrees must submit to the Academic Advising Office verification of degree completion. Such students are subject to college academic policies regarding probation, dismissal and readmission.

Students working toward education licensure may enroll in student teaching for a total of 11 credits (while completing the required number of student teaching hours) if their baccalaureate degree is earned and awarded (demonstrated by the posting of the degree on the transcript) AFTER one year has transpired since the last formal enrollment as a full-time student.

Transfer students seeking second degrees must submit high school and college transcripts from previously attended schools and formally apply to the Office of Admission and be admitted to CSB/SJU.

For further information about continuing education contact the Academic Advising Office at Saint Benedict's or Saint John's.