Studies at Other Colleges

Students may complete out-of-residence courses and transfer them to Saint Benedict's and Saint John's provided the following conditions are met:

1) The college at which the coursework is completed is accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting agency at the time of enrollment.

2) Courses to be transferred are similar in content to courses offered for credit at Saint Benedict's and Saint John's.

3) A grade of C or higher is earned in each course.

4) The CSB/SJU Registrar's Office receives an official transcript directly from the college at which the courses were completed.

It should be noted that:

1) Credits accepted for these courses are translated into semester credits according to the appropriate translation formula.

2) Grades earned for transferred coursework are not calculated into the student's cumulative CSB/SJU grade point average.

With advance approval, students may apply these courses towards Common Curriculum, major, minor or elective requirements. Coursework taken to complete Common Curriculum requirements requires advance consultation with and approval of the Registrar's Office or Academic Advising. Coursework taken to complete major requirements requires prior consultation and approval of the department chair. In order for a course to be reviewed, the student must submit the following pieces of information to the appropriate faculty or staff member:

1) Name of transfer institution

2) Course department

3) Course Name

4) Course Number

5) Course Title

6) Course Description and/or web link

7) Number of credits


Upon completion of the transferrable coursework, the student must request that an official transcript be mailed to:

CSB/SJU Registrar's Office

P.O. Box 2000

Collegeville, MN  56321


Students who intend to transfer coursework from a foreign college or university must consult the Office of Education Abroad before beginning such study.