Peer Resource Program at Saint John's

The Peer Resource Program (PRP), a direct extension of the Saint John's University Personal and Professional Development Center, operates as a resource for students at both SJU and CSB. PRPs possess a knowledge of resources both on campus and in the surrounding community; design, facilitate and evaluate student development programs; operate as a liaison between the professional staff and student body; and refer individuals to appropriate sites for assistance. As members of the program, PRPs receive continuous training in facilitation, listening, leadership, communication and group dynamics.

By integrating elements such as risk-taking, trust, awareness, wellness and self-growth into both formal and non-traditional settings, the Peer Resource Program helps new student groups, challenges and aids in the development of existing groups and encourages individual growth. Examples of programs include retreats, urban plunges, small targeted on-campus programs, backpacking trips, cultural plunges and rock climbing. In addition, the PRPs are trained to facilitate the SJU Leadership Challenge Course which provides groups with an opportunity to examine themselves in terms of leadership, teamwork, problem solving and communication.