Career Services

Career Services assists students in translating their liberal arts education into volunteer, graduate school and employment opportunities. The staff provides resources, educational services and support for life-long career planning. Our career development model emphasizes intentional and active engagement by students throughout their college careers and includes:

  • Self-Exploration:  examining one's values, strengths, interests, and abilities
  • Major and Career Exploration:  learning about major and career possibilities that fit one's values, strengths, interests, and abilities
  • Gaining Experience:  integrating an honest awareness of self with career possibilities and then testing through experiences (e.g., internships, undergraduate research, volunteer/service opportunities, study abroad, jobs)
  • Planning for After Graduation:  pursuing employment, striving for graduate school or engaging in full-time service/volunteer opportunities

Career Services offers an array of services and resources to assist students with their career development process. Individual appointments with a Career Counselor are available to discuss major and career issues and goals, career tools (e.g., resumes, interviewing, networking), strategies, and resources. These sessions may also include the use of self-assessment inventories focused on personal interests, skills, and values. Career programs cover a full-spectrum of topics; these seminars range from The Graduate School Process to Your Liberal Arts Education in the Corporate World and from Social Media in the Job/Internship Search to Volunteering/Serving Full-Time After Graduation.  

The career website ( assists first-year to senior students, from all majors, and with all career interests. Students can find resources for exploring majors and careers, the application process (resumes, interviewing, personal statements for graduate school, etc ...), opportunities (internships, research, jobs, etc ....), and events including career fairs, workshops, and presentations. E-link is the CSB/SJU career site for postings (jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities), the career calendar, and the On-Campus Interview Program. Career Services ensures access to other resources including assistance with living/working abroad. Career Buzz, coupled with Career Services' social media (LinkedIn, Facebook) and emails, educate and inform students about the numerous resources and opportunities. Students can "walk into" the Career Resource Centers for information and assistance and they are also the site of the on-campus interviews for internships and jobs.

Career Services extensively partners with our alumnae/i. Annually the Career Exploration Series (CES) consists of approximately 15 panels with 4-6 alums speaking about their careers, trends, and opportunities. The CESs include What Can I do With a Major in ___? or Careers in _____. Career EXPO consists of seminars, a fair, and a networking reception. Over 100 alums participate by sitting on a seminar panel (Standing Out:  The Hiring Process, Global Opportunities, Applying to Graduate School, etc ...), representing their organization at the Fair or participating in the reception. Students can individually connect with alums via the Career Networking (CANE) files for information interviews, job shadows, and contacts. Career Services' LinkedIn Group is a forum for students to professionally network, pose questions, and peruse job and internship opportunities. These connections are vital to all students whether they're learning about majors and careers, striving for graduate school or pursuing experience and jobs.

Annually CSB/SJU Career Services conducts a survey of graduating seniors to understand their first step out of CSB/SJU.  Alumnae/i in each class are contacted within twelve months of their graduation and over 90% of CSB/SJU graduates respond to the survey. The response rate is extremely high; numerous colleges and universities report this data based on 50% or less of respondents. Of the 90%+ respondents to the CSB/SJU survey, 98% or more indicate that within one year of graduation, they are situated in post-college employment, education or full-time service (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, faith-based organizations). These findings indicate that we can confidently confirm our graduates are finding opportunities that satisfy their interests and career goals.