College of Saint Benedict Staff

*Anthony Amelse
Associate Director of Admission

Kyleen Ammerman
Resident Director

*Theresa Anderson
Academic Advisor

Amanda Anderson
Assistant Director of Campus Recreation

*Erik Aschenbeck
Assistant Director of Admission

Robin Balder-Lanoue
Head Track and Field Coach and Head Cross Country Coach

Wendy Bechtold
Manager of Catering Services

*Shawn Beckers
System Administrator

*Judy Bednar
Associate Human Resources Director

*Matthew Beirne
Director of Admission

*Paul Beniek
LAN Client Project Administrator

Sara Borgen
Health Promotion Coordinator

Chris Brake
Grounds Supervisor

*Delbert Brobst
Director of Secondary/K-12 Student Teaching

Karen Buerman
Director of Advancement Services

Elizabeth Buhl
Psychologist/Practicum Coordinator

Anna Burgason
Alumnae Relations Associate

Diane Calabria
Associate Director of External Grants

Kenneth Cartwright
Technical Director

Larry Christen
Director of Facilities

*Alan Christenson
Associate Director of Admission

*Julie Christle
Internship Program Coordinator

*Shana Clarke
Admission Representative

*Nicole Clements
Education Abroad Advisor

Mark Conway
Executive Director of Literary Arts Institute

*Marilyn Creed
Director of Mathematics Skills Center

Hien Dang
Upward Bound Program Advisor

Kristin Darnall
Senior Development Officer

Julie Deyak
Head Athletic Director

Jean Donnay
Nurse Practician and Assistant Director of Health Services

Michael Durbin
Head Basketball Coach

Kathryn Enke
Chief of Staff 

Heidi Everett
Executive Director of Advancement

Mary Fogle
Director of Prospect Management

*Donald Forbes
Director of the CSB/SJU Bookstores

David Fremo
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Dorothy Gangl
Purchasing Coordinator

*Sarah Gewirtz
Information Literacy Librarian

Louise Geyer
Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid

Barbara Grelson
Business Manager for Culinary Services

Curtis Gullickson
Assistant Director of Security

Diane Hageman
Director of CSB Media Relations

Darrel Halverson
Executive Chef

*Randy Hammond
Senior Programming Analyst

*Jacqueline Hampton
Academic Advisor

*Leslie Hanlon
Director for Fundraising and Marketing for Fine Arts Programming

Mary Harlander‑Locke
Associate Director of Career Services

*Jane Haugen
Executive Director of Financial Aid

*Barbara Hein
Director of Electronic Communications

Michelle Hemmesch
Assistan Dercetor of Financial Aid Counselor

Nicole Hess
Head Volleyball Coach/Asst. AD

William Hickey
Director of Gift Planning

Karen Hoffbeck
Director of Publications

Kari Hollencamp
Assistant Director for Athletic Fundraising

*Brooke Horejsi
Deputy Director for Fine Arts Programming

Carol Howe-Veenstra
Athletic Director

Jennifer Hylla
Retail Manager

*Marah Jacobson-Schulte
Liemandt Family Service Learning Program Director

*Patrick Jacobson-Schulte
Director of Strategic Budgeting and Academic Planning

*Carol Jansky
Biology Laboratory and Stockroom Coordinator

Dennis Johnson
Head Softball Coach and Assistant Basketball Coach

*Nicole Joos
LAN Server Administrator

*Brian Jose
Executive Director of Fine Arts Programming

Michael Juntunen
Director of Transportation

*Bonnie Kalla
Circulation Manager

*Theresa Kasling
Associate Director for Technical Services

Michael Killeen
Director of Content Development

Steven Kimble
Head Soccer Coach

*Brian Kirchoff
Assistant Director of Admission

*Kevin Knodl
Fine Arts Programming Production Manager

*Karen Knutson
Associate Director of Institutional Research

*James Koenig
Director of Information Technology Services

*Philip Kramer
Director of Academic Assessment

Jennifer Kranz
Head Hockey Coach

Scott Larsen
Head Tennis Coach

Daniel Laudenbach
Energy Coordinator

*Colleen Lommel
Director of Telecommunications

Terrance Loso
Director of Power Plant and Water

Levi Lowell
Assistant Soccer Coach

Marcia Mahlum
Director of Campus Recreation

Randee McCabe
Residence Director

*Tagonei Mharapara
Research Associate

Patrick Michaud
Head Hockey and Golf Coach

Erin Miller
Assistant Athletic Trainer

*John Miller
Computer Science Lab Coordinator

*Theresa Naumann
Admission Representative

*Barbara Novak
Assistant Registrar

Anne Oberman

Colman O'Connell, OSB
Senior Development Officer

Kathryn Olson
Asst Derector of Financial Aid

Maureen Opitz
Director of Donor Relations

*Ganard Orionzi
Director of Environmental Health and Safety

*Maribeth Overland
Director of Student Activities

*Kathleen Parker
Director of Library and Media Services

*Debra Paulson
Server/San Administrator

Kristine Peterson
Residence Director

Heather Pieper-Olson
Director of Annual Giving

Kimberly Poganski
Director of Events and Conferences

Joy Pohland
Annual Giving Associate

Judith Purman
Director of Sustainability

Erica Rademacher
Assistant Director of Career Services

Meggan Reinert
Residence Director

Jessica Reiter
Assistant Director of Events and Conferences

Julie Reitmeier
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Molly Renslow
Special Assistant to the President

*Peggy Retka
Director of Office of Education Abroad

*Mary Reuter, OSB
Interim Director of Companions on a Journey and Corad

Barbara Ries
Assistant Manager

*Jillian Rigg
Admission Representative

Michael Ritchie
Co-Head Swimming and Diving Coach

*Catherine Robak
Training and Web Support Specialist

Kathryn Rock

Ronald Rodenwald
Manager McGlynn's & O'Connells

*Peggy Roske

Heidi Ruprecht
Web Graphics Designer

Heather Saladino
Residence Director

Jessie Sandoval
Director of Alumnae Relations

*Michelle Sauer
Associate Director of Academic Advising

*Alex Schleper
International Student Program Director

*Brent Schloe
Database Systems Analyst

David Schneider
Director of Student Accounts

*Lisa Scott
Academic Advisor

*Rachel Sherman
Coordinator of Asian Studies

Laura Sherr

Anna Shewczyk
Residence Director

*Sarah Simpson
Associate Director of Admission

*Roger Sorensen
Academic Technology Project Leader

Catherine Stoch
Director of External Grants

*Laura Stork
Assistant Director of Admission

*Julie Straka
Benefits Administrator

Kristina Streit
Assistant Director and Course Book Manager

Stephanie Struckhoff
Residence Director

H. Edward Stubblefield
Associate Director of Career Services

*John Sundet
Senior Programmer/Analyst

BernaDette Suwareh
Intercultural Center Director

Darren Swanson
Director of Security

*Diana Symons
Social Sciences Librarian

Jody Terhaar
Dean of Students

*Jason Terwey
Principal Database Administrator

*Paul Theis
LAN Server Administrator

Mary Thompson
Director of Residential Life for Facilities and Operations

Diane Van Beck
Senior Accountant

Joseph Vaughn
Senior Development Officer

JoAnn Weir
Assistant Manager - Catering

*Stefanie Weisgram, OSB
Collections and Development Librarian

Carmen Welinski
Culinary Services Manager

Briana Wentland

Shelby Wentworth
Director of Residential Life for Staffing and Programming

Jennifer Whitehead
Director of Trio/Upward Bound Program

Shannon Wiger
Annual Giving Associate

Amber Zoller
Oracle Database Administrator

*Debra Wolford
Box Office Systems Manager