Calcutta (Kolkata)--India's third largest city--is a bustling metropolis where the population exceeds 15 million. Calcutta is known equally for its revolutionary history and its rich literary and artistic heritage. It is a very approachable city with community-based neighborhoods, street theatre, and countless bookshops and cafes. Calcutta is home to St. Xavier's College (SXCC), one of India's premier educational institutions. It was founded by the Jesuit order in 1860 and offers high quality programs in science, arts, commerce, business administration, and mass communication. CSB/SJU students will enroll directly at SXCC for one class of their choice. In addition, students will courses in Bengali language, culture, arts and the history of India. Finally, all students will the the Study Abroad Seminar course from their faculty director. Volunteer and service learning play a major role in this program. Students will enroll in a required Field Experience course and will spend 6 to 8 hours per week on site with a volunteer or service organization. CSB/SJU students will have access to computer laboratories, an on-campus library, and recreational facilities through SXCC. Students will live in one of two housing options in Calcutta. The first option is known as a "paid guest" in India. It is a home which accepts boarders and provides partial meal plans along with the room. The second option is in a home stay experience. Either way, some meals will be included with the program. India is quite possibly one of the most interesting and at the same time the most challenging places you may ever visit. It is a wealth of history, learning, food, art, natural beauty and music. At the same time it offers a contradiction in poverty, pollution and population density. It has been described as "one of the hardest places that I have ever visited and the one which most draws me back." The program dates for India are from late December to mid-May.