The Guatemalan program in Central America emphasizes immersion in, and intensive study of, Spanish language and Latin American culture. It is based in the city of Quetzaltenango in the Guatemalan highlands (7600 ft. above sea-level) near the Santa Maria and Santiaguito volcanos. Also called by the ancient Mayan name of "Xela," Quetzaltenango is Guatemala's second-largest city (pop. 165,000), a university town surrounded by Quiche and Mam indigenous villages. The academic program has two phases: five weeks of intensive, one-on-one instruction in Spanish, followed by ten weeks of continued Spanish instruction. The program involves a service-learning experience (for a total of 8 credits in Spanish) and coursework from a range of subjects: Mayan "Cosmovision," and Central American history, politics, and/or culture. The Senior Seminar course and an activities and excursions program span both phases. The program serves students of Spanish, Latin American Studies, Peace Studies, and a wide range of humanities and social sciences. Each student will live with a Guatemalan family. Courses will be taught by language academy teachers and faculty recruited from local universities. Prerequisite: completion of Spanish 211.