Education Abroad

CSB/SJU offer 17 semester-long study abroad programs in fourteen countries across six continents.  The two schools are currently ranked number one among baccalaureate institutions nationally for semester study abroad participation.  Before graduating, 58 percent of CSB students and 41 percent of SJU students will participate in a study abroad program.

The Office for Education Abroad (OEA) provides full-semester education abroad experiences for undergraduate students through the following programs:  Australia - Fremantle; Austria - Salzburg; Chile - Viña del Mar; China - Beibei; England - London; Guatemala - Quetzaltenango; France - Cannes; Greece & Italy - Athens and Rome (one semester program in two sites); India - Calcutta (Kolkata); Ireland - Galway and Cork; Japan - Tokyo; South Africa - Port Elizabeth; and Spain - Segovia.  Each study abroad program is limited to between 15 and 30 participants.

In keeping with the goals of a liberal arts education, the curricular emphasis of education abroad is upon a disciplined and focused curriculum which is designed to take full advantage of local, regional and national opportunities at each site. Courses taught abroad are integrated fully into the Common Curriculum and/or departmental offerings. Each program includes required pre-departure orientation meetings which include readings, lectures, discussions, writing assignments and audio-visual components. These on-campus meetings, together with individualized academic planning and increased attention to building upon the international experience after return to campus, serve to integrate the study abroad programs into the overall CSB/SJU curriculum.

In addition to the above semester-long programs, OEA coordinates with CSB/SJU offices and academic departments to offer a number of short-term study abroad options each year.  Finally, students can choose to study abroad through an External Study Abroad Program. 

All CSB/SJU students are encouraged to attend a Study Abroad 101 informational session to begin the research process.  Students are urged to consider study abroad early in their four-year planning process and to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor in OEA to discuss their options.  For detailed information about the courses offered through Education Abroad programs at CSB/SJU, please consult the OEA website.


Fremantle, Western Australia, is located approximately 32 miles from the capital city of Perth and is home to these fall and spring semester programs.  Students enroll at the University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) - the country's first private, Catholic university. All students participate in a course on Australian history and society, which includes an excursion to the West Kimberley in northern Western Australia.  In addition to History and Society, students choose three courses from among their major, minor or general education requirements from the UNDA course catalog.  CSB and SJU students are housed in a student residence on the university campus with some international and Australian students. The faculty for the program consists of a professor from CSB and SJU and professors from UNDA.


The primary objectives of the Austrian program are the acquisition of German language skills and a greater appreciation of the Austrian culture. CSB/SJU students study Germany language, political science, art history and moral philosophy.  Some classes are taught in English, although advanced German-language students may take advantage of regular course offerings at the university through an ILP course. Students live with Austrian and other foreign students in university housing. They travel with the program and independently to explore the cultures of Austria, Germany and the rest of Europe.


The Chile program is hosted by Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, a private university located in Viña del Mar, a city of 350,000. The campus is situated in central Chile, 70 miles from Santiago, the country's capital. Students are encouraged to perfect their Spanish language skills while, at the same time, integrate into the rich and diverse culture through experiential learning opportunities such as field work. The program partners students with Chilean host families.


The China program is located in Beibei, China, set along the Jialing River in southwest China. During the program, students concentrate on the Chinese language, history, culture, literature, philosophy and art. All courses are taught in English at Southwest University, a liberal arts university of 50,000 students. In order to expose students to China's diversity, the program provides approximately two weeks of travel to major Chinese cities and sites, including Guilin, Beijing and Xian. Students also partake in numerous excursions in Sichuan Province such as Chongqing and the Yunnan Province.

England - London

While in London, students study British history, literature, theater, music and art through lectures, readings, discussions and writing assignments. The National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the British Museum are used as classrooms by the program professors. The students are housed in furnished flats near the Foundation for International Education (FIE) study center. Students on this program may also choose to participate in an internship and gain international professional experience. The faculty consists of a professor from CSB and SJU who accompanies the group, and professors from London universities and colleges.


The France program is located in the city of Cannes at the Collège International de Cannes (CIC). This location is near many important artistic and historic sites: Monaco is 40 minutes away by train; the Gorges of the Verdun Valley, the Roman monuments of Provence, the Alps and the medieval villages of Eze and la Turbie are also nearby. Students are housed and take classes with 150 other international students at the college.  The CIC, which opened in 1920, is primarily designed to provide instruction in the French language and culture. Students are encouraged to take trips on their own initiative to cities such as Nimes, Arles and Avignon, along with arranged trips to Provence and Paris.

Greece and Italy

The Greco-Roman and Roman-Greco programs give students the opportunity to explore classical art, history, religion and literature in Athens and Rome. While students will be exposed to Greek and Italian language, courses are taught in English; both in the classroom and on historical and archaeological sites or in museums. The focus is based on a structured curriculum, always leaving room for the exploration of unique opportunities presented by the intellectual and cultural resources of Greece and Italy.  This program runs with two cohorts during the fall semester: the first begins in Greece, the second in Italy.  Half-way through the semester the two groups switch.


The Guatemala program emphasizes immersion in and intensive study of Spanish language and Latin American culture. It is based in the city of Quetzaltenango in the Guatemalan highlands (7,600 feet above sea level) near the Santa Maria and Santiaguito volcanoes. Quetzaltenango is Guatemala's second largest city and is surrounded by the Quiche and Mayan indigenous villages.  The program includes five weeks of intensive one-on-one instruction in Spanish, followed by 10 weeks of continued Spanish instruction involving a service learning experience. The students have course work in a range of subjects including cultural and political anthropology, history, politics and literature, taught by faculty recruited from local universities. Each student lives with a Guatemalan family. 


The India program is the newest study abroad option at CSB/SJU, and is located in the teeming metropolis of Kolkata (Calcutta), India's third largest city. With a population of 15 million, Kolkata is known for its unique history; Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and artistic construction. Students will study at India's premier Jesuit Catholic university, St. Xavier's College, where they will study Bengali language, Indian history, society and culture, and the fine arts. There are more than 6,000 students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at St. Xavier's College. Students will live in pairs in the homes of host families throughout the city. In addition to classes, students will participate in six to eight hours of service learning per week throughout the program.

Ireland - Galway

The program gives students an opportunity to explore the history, culture, literature and sociology of Ireland. While students are exposed to Gaelic as a living language, courses are taught in English. Students live in Cottages outside of Spiddal and participate in several excursions designed for the exploration of unique opportunities presented by the intellectual and cultural resources of Ireland.

Ireland - Cork

The University College Cork (UCC) is located in Cork, Ireland, bordered by the Celtic Sea to the south, the Knockmealdown and Comeragh mountain ranges to the northeast and the Lakes of Killarney to the west. There are eight faculties at the college - arts, law, business, Celtic studies, science, food science and technology, engineering and medicine - which serve more than 16,000 students.  The Cork program allows students to enroll directly at UCC.  Students on the program complete one course in Irish studies and then choose from a wide array of courses in their major or minor fields.  The participants are housed in furnished apartments a short walk from campus.


The Japan program is hosted by Bunkyo Gakuin University (BGU), a collaborative partner of CSB and SJU for more than 20 years. Located in central Tokyo with a subway station at its front entrance, Bunkyo Gakuin University is ideally situated for a study abroad program. All courses are taught in English and include studies in Japanese language, culture, history, arts, politics and economics. The courses include day trips to important Tokyo sites and extensive excursions that enhance the student's learning experience including trips to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Karuizawa and Nagano. Students stay in the International Student Dormitory adjacent to the Bunkyo campus.

South Africa

Port Elizabeth, situated on the Indian Ocean near the southern tip of the African continent, has a population of over one million and is South Africa's fifth largest city. Students study in classrooms at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), sharing library, computer lab, recreation and sports facilities with South African students. Students are housed in vacation apartments approximately 1 mile from NMMU. Faculty from NMMU teach courses in political science, literature, music and marine biology. Service learning is a major component of the South Africa study abroad experience. Students volunteer throughout the semester at either Pendla Primary School, AIDS Haven-House of Resurrection or Missonvale Care Center.


In Segovia, students immerse themselves in Spanish culture, art, history, politics and language. The program is directed toward students seeking to deepen their training in Spanish language and culture. Courses are taught in Spanish, and are adjusted according to the proficiency of the group. The cities, castles, churches and museums of Spain are used as classrooms by the program professors. Each student lives with a Spanish family for the duration of the program.

External Study Abroad Programs

Students who wish to study abroad in a location not offered through CSB/SJU, may choose to participate in an External Study Abroad program. Students will be registered under a consortium agreement and will maintain their status as CSB/SJU students for purposes of registration and certain federal and state financial aid. The fee for external study abroad registration will be the same as the CSB/SJU study abroad application fee. Seniors must ordinarily be in residence for the two semesters immediately preceding graduation. "In residence" is defined as enrollment as a full-time student at CSB/SJU for a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Students wishing to study abroad through an external program should meet with an Education Abroad Advisor early in their planning process.