National Norm Referenced Assessment Results

The College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John's Univeristy (SJU) particpate in the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) and the ETS Proficiency Profile.

CSB and SJU have participated in the CLA since the 2005-2006 academic year. The CLA is administered to 100 first year students in the fall of each year (50 from CSB, 50 from SJU) and 100 fourth year students in the spring of each year (50, 50). To view results for the CLA, click here.

CSB and SJU began using the ETS Proficiency Profile during the spring semester of the 2012-2013 academic year. It is given to 100 second year students (50 from CSB, 50 from SJU). To view results for the ETS Proficiency Profile, click here.

For more information please contact  Philip Kramer or Christopher Wing.