Course Evaluations

Welcome to the Office of Academic Review and Curricular Advancement (OARCA) Course Evaluation page. CSB/SJU administers course evaluations using an online system developed in-house by IT Services. Faculty can set evaluation dates for their courses, add questions to the evaluation form, and view their evaluation results by logging on to the Faculty Login Page below. Students can view and complete their available course evaluations anonymously by going to the Student Login Page below as well.

The following resources will further assist you with the online system:


*Setting Date and Time of Evaluation  Step by step guide on how to set up and change availability for evaluations

Adding Questions to Course Evaluations  Step by step guide on how to add new and previously used questions to an evaluation

Adding/Removing Permissions  Step by step guide on how to allow faculty, staff, or the Rank and Tenure Committee view your evaluations and how to remove permissions to view

Proctor Guide  Script to be read to students before administering evaluation (description, instructions, etc...)

Reserving Computers on Campus  Where computers are located for evaluation use and how to reserve them

Sample Course Evaluation Questions  Questions taken from the Student Assessment of Their Learning Gains website (example of  questions other universities have used)


*Faculty, please note: your course will not be evaluated if you do not set a date and time for the evaluation. When selecting an evaluation date, keep in mind that some areas on campus are not equipped to deal with excessive Wi-Fi activity. If your classroom is located in one of these weak spots, tell your students to disconnect from the Wi-Fi after they have completed their evaluation so that other students will be able to connect. You can also prevent Wi-Fi complications by coordinating with other faculty members completing course evaluations at the same time.

For Assistance

If you have questions or suggestions concerning the Online Course Evaluation System, please contact Chris Wing in the OARCA office at 5147 or For technical problems, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 2228 or