Program Review Resources

This page is intended as a resource for faculty and staff completing program review. A general timeline and some resources are provided below for your convenience.

Program Review Timeline

The following is a suggested timeline of how a department could go about completing the program review process. Besides the due dates, you do not need to strictly adhere to this timeline, and departments can choose which steps are most beneficial to them. 

  • Spring prior to program review - Programs are notified of the program review cycle. A coordinator will be selected and the workshop schedule will be given. Sometime in May, the first workshop (Program Review Workshop 101) will be offered.
  • October (Year 1) - Program Review Workshop 201 will be offered. Due date for programs to submit peer/aspirants list to the Academic Dean for approval. 
  • January (Year 1) - Due date for programs to submit external reviewer candidates to the Academic Dean for approval. 
  • March (Year 1) - Program Review Workshop 301 will be offered.
  • May (Year 1) - Due date to submit draft of self-study to OAAE.
  • October (Year 2) - Program Review Workshop 401 will be offered.
  • December (Year 2) - Due date for submitting the final draft of self-study.
  • January (Year 2) - External reviewer will visit campus and observe the program.
  • March (Year 2) - The final program review workshop (Program Review Workshop 501) will be offered.
  • April (Year 2) - Due date for submitting the response to the external reviewer's report.


Procedure for Programatic Assessment of Student Assessment (Approved 04/27/17)

This is the general procedure for program assessment at CSB/SJU.

Program Review Checklist 
This checklist gives a timeline for completing Program Review.

Alumnae/i Survey Guidelines 
This document provides Alumnae/i Affairs contacts for each campus and describes the process for surveying faculty.

Alumnae/i Email Guidelines

To view specific annual report and program review documents related to Academic Departments and Programs please click here. CSB/SJU login credentials are required.