Global Business Leadership

Welcome to the Global Business Leadership webpage. On this page you'll find the mission of the department, departmental student learning goals, a curricular map and assessment schedule, and progress made from the most recent Program Review Action Plan (2009-2010). If you have questions about the assessment findings or questions about the department, please contact Mary Jepperson, Global Business Leadership Department Chair, at [email protected].


The Global Business Leadership Department prepares students for business careers in diverse organizations and for graduate education. The program will enhance students’ critical thinking, communication skills, and understanding of Benedictine values. The foundation in the liberal arts and Global Business Leadership discipline will enable students to become responsible citizens, ethical leaders, life long learners, and innovators.


Goal 1: Students will deliver effective global leadership skills in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

a. Students will prepare a written business report that is clear, logical, concise, grammatically correct, and clear to the target audience

b. Students will demonstrate effective collaboration and leadership.

c. Students will demonstrate critical thinking.

Goal 2: Students will have an Integrative depth of knowledge and quantitative reasoning.

a. Students will apply working knowledge of the core concepts with each of the foundational business disciplines; accounting, business law and human resources, economics, finance, marketing, management, operations, supply chain and sustainability.

b. Students will employ technology to effectively address business problems, utilize appropriate quantitative techniques to analyze business issues, and demonstrate reflective, strategic, and analytical skills when make business decisions.

Goal 3: Students will exhibit ethical problem-solving.

a. Students will recognize ethical dilemma in a business situation and recommend courses of actions to address the issues.

b. Students will identify legal issues in a business situation and evaluate the interrelationship between regulatory requirements and strategic decision making.

c. Students will describe the ramifications of unethical behavior.

Goal 4: Students will recognize opportunities for innovation and create creative responses.

a. Students will tackle strategic and organizational challenges with innovative solutions.

b. Students will identify a business problem, develop and evaluate alternative solutions, and make appropriate recommendations.

Goal 5: Students will exhibit a global mindset.

a. Students will identify the challenges of operation in a global environment.

b. Students will exhibit knowledge of the major cultural, economic, social, and legal environment faced by multinational organization.

c. Students will demonstrate appropriate responses to cultural differences in a global economy.