Tenure & Promotion

Guidelines for Rank and Tenure Review 2019-2020

The information has been prepared by the  Rank and Tenure Committee and approved by the Provost to help candidates and Department Chairs prepare for review processes.

Nothing contained herein should be considered a replacement, substitution, or modification of any information contained in the Faculty Handbook. Consequently, candidates and Chairs must be familiar not only with the materials below but also with the contents of Handbook sections 2.5, 2.6, and 2/7.

Deadlines for 2019-2020

**2:00 p.m. on the date specified**

Notification of Intention to Apply.

1 May Applications due for Third-Year, Tenure and/or Promotion Review

Form for Declaring Intent to Apply for Review

Submission of Materials to the Department

(So departmental colleagues can consult them prior to the departmental meeting and writing their letters)

The Departmental Chair sets a deadline of at least two weeks before the file is due.

Submission of Letters by Departmental Colleagues to the Office of Academic Affairs. The Chair must give a copy of his or her letter and the Departmental letter to the candidate. This letter is included with the candidate's "open file", referred to as File A. Department colleague letters do not need to be submitted to the candidate; these are emailed to Academic Affairs for insertion in the candidate's "closed file", referred to as File B. Chair and Departmental letters are descrbed in sections and, respectively.

5 September Letters due for Tenure and Promotion Review
19 September Letters due for Promotion only
16 October Letters due for Third-Year Review

Submission of Review Materials by the Candidate to the Office of Academic Affairs. The candidate must provide all materials (saved as PDF documents) to Academic Affairs on a flash drive for upload into the SharePoint site, along with a hard copy of the Table of Contents (Candidates will provide and initial a complete Table of Contents of File A to provide assurance that no material has been placed in File A without the candidate’s knowledge). Candidates must bring the flash drive to Academic Affairs and assure that the file has been properly uploaded into SharePoint. Any supplementary artifacts that cannot be scanned and uploaded, such as an authored textbook, can be provided in hard copy to Academic Affairs.


12 September Tenure and Promotion files due
26 September Promotion-only files due
23 October Third-Year Review files due

Preparation of the File

All candidates for third-year, tenure, or promotion review should read the relevant sections of the Faculty Handbook carefully when preparing their review files. Materials required to be included in the file are listed in the Faculty Handbook, sections 2.5, (third-year and tenure review) and (promotion apart from tenure review). It is important that candidates use the Faculty Handbook numbering and section headings in constructing their file, to assist the committee in locating relevant information for all sections.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to make the case for a successful review. Candidates should therefore assemble a complete, well-written, well-documented, and well-organized and yet concise file of materials that demonstrates that they have met the criteria for a positive evaluation. Candidates applying for both tenure and promotion should submit a single file for both purposes, and clearly indicate ample evidence for advancement in rank as well as for the granting of tenure (

Complete the file as seven separate PDF documents, labeled as follows:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 2.5.1 Teaching Effectiveness
  • 2.5.2 Scholarship and Creative Work
  • 2.5.3 Advising
  • 2.5.4 Service
  • 2.5.5 Professional Identity
  • Additional Materials (which should include):
    • Plan for Professional Development
    • Candidate-solicited letters (non-departmental/supplemental/those not required by the Committee)
    • Other additional materials

Bring the completed file to the Office of Academic Affairs on a usb drive for upload into a secured SharePoint site, along with a hard copy of the Table of Contents (Candidates will provide and initial a complete Table of Contents of File A to provide assurance that no material has been placed in File A without the candidate’s knowledge). Academic Affairs will keep the usb drive for its records. Label the sections clearly as laid out above. The candidate is responsible for including all relevant materials and assuring these are uploaded appropriately into SharePoint. Candidates can edit and change their files up until the deadline they are due in the Office of Academic Affairs. The Committee will base its recommendation strictly upon the materials in the file. The candidate may not add any materials after the deadline.

If you have supplemental artifacts that are not easily scanned, such as CDs or authored textbooks, these should be provided in hard copy to the Office of Academic Affairs and will be returned to the candidate upon completion of the review.

The Committee encourages candidates to review sample successful files kept in the Office of Academic Affairs and to seek advice from tenured departmental colleagues. The Chair of the appropriate Rank and Tenure subcommittee may also be consulted.

In the interest of obtaining valuable input from departmental members as well as producing a polished file, it is good advice for candidates to have all or parts of their files available to their colleagues before the two-week departmental deadline.  Doing so will give the candidates ample time to revise any sections of the file in need of editing.

Additional information and advice about selected parts of the review file can be found in this document.