Pre-professional Programs - Veterinary Medicine

For course descriptions in Veterinary Medicine, see the Academic Course Catalog.

Adviser: Barbara May

A program in pre-veterinary medicine with concentration in biology and chemistry is available. Entrance requirements for schools of veterinary medicine vary; students should inform themselves of the courses required by the school which they plan to attend. Generally, students complete a bachelor's degree with a major in biology, chemistry or natural science before applying to a school of veterinary medicine.

The following courses are recommended as generally fulfilling prerequisites for schools of veterinary medicine:

____ BIOL 121, Cellular Life: Introduction to Cell & Molecular Biology (4) NS
____ BIOL 221, Introduction to Organismal Biology (4)
____ BIOL 307, Biology of Microorganisms (4)
____ BIOL 316, Genetics (4)
____ BIOL 317, Introductory Biochemistry (4)
____ CHEM 123, General Chemistry I (4) NS
____ CHEM 234, General Chemistry II (4) (QR)
____ CHEM 235, Organic Chemistry I (4)
____ CHEM 236, Organic Chemistry II (4)
____ CHEM 331, Biochemistry (4)
____ PHYS 105, Physics for the Life Sciences I(4) NS
____ PHYS 106, Physics for the Life Sciences II(4) (QR)

One of the following:
____ ____________________________(Select from courses below)

MATH 123, Essential Calculus (4) MT
MATH 119, Calculus I (4) MT

Eight credits selected from economics, government, history, psychology and sociology:
____ ____________________________(4)
____ ____________________________(4)

Eight credits selected from art, music, literature, humanities and theater:
____ ____________________________(4)
____ ____________________________(4)

For more information, see the Pre-professional Health Programs website, the Pre-veterinary Medicine website, or contact one of the pre-medical advisors.