Workshop Session #1


“Benedictine and Catholic Values: Is There Room for Homosexuality?”
Presenter: Kevin Boggeman, Saint John’s University

Hear the phrase Benedictine values often? What do they have to do with acceptance? What about acceptance of those with different sexual orientations? Is the Catholic Church capable of accepting homosexuality? If you are a Catholic or go to a Catholic school, and/or are interested in hearing about GLBT issues, this is the session for you.

“How Do You Navigate?”
Presenters: Kate Van Sickle, Walter Fisher, Jason Steinbrenner, University of Minnesota Morris

How do you navigate? When do you keep pie4ces of your identity “below the waterline” and when do you allow these pieces to surface? This interactive session will give participants an opportunity to explore elements of their identity and to discuss their strategies for living on campus and in the community.

“Core Issues Surrounding America’s Gay Marriage Debate”
Presenters: David De Grio, Sheila Nelson, David Cloutier and Philip Kronebusch, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University
America is facing what could become the toughest issue since the dawn of the Civil Rights movement by African-Americans, the issue of gay marriage.  Central to the debate are issues surrounding the legality of already issued marriage licenses to gay couples, religious tradition and morals as well as the welfare of children of same sex parents.  Some argue that allowing gay marriages will redefine the idea of traditional families and the purpose of marriage.  In this panel three scholars in the areas of theology, sociology and political science will present on the basic issues set forth, followed by a period of question and answer with the audience.