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What is the difference between a faculty advisor and an academic advisor?

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor upon registration for their first semester. First-year students are assigned to their symposium instructors and then, in the spring semester, select a professor from their intended major department to be their primary advisor for planning courses, reconsidering majors, information about that particular field. (Transfer students are usually assigned to the head of their intended major department.)

Are Theresa Anderson and Theresa McNutt the same person?

We are not the same person but we have the same objective—to support you in achieving the goals you set for yourself while in college.

On paper, the two of us work from different angles. Theresa (pronounce the Th, short e) McNutt is the director of Multicultural Student Programs and works with student from a student development perspective. I, Theresa (silent h, long e) Anderson, am the academic advisor for American multicultural students and work with students primarily on academic matters. In reality, though, our work often overlaps as we seek to advise and support you as a person continuously involved in both academics and student development.

Why does Academic Advising register first-year students for classes?

Over the years, we have found that students benefit from our expertise and knowledge of core and major requirements to ensure that their first semester courses give them the best possible start on the path to graduation. While we see this as an advantage for all first-year students, it is particularly necessary for students considering coursework areas which have extensive course requirements. For all students, this process eliminates frustration due to technical difficulties, lack of internet access, unfamiliarity with our requirements or long registration lines.

What is a four-year plan?

A four-year or academic plan helps students map out the courses required for their majors and as core requirements to see how everything fits into four years. This is an excellent tool to use if you are planning a double major, a minor or study abroad. Both your faculty and academic advisors can help get you started and offer advice.

What if my heritage is “multicultural” but I do not think of myself that way?

We strive to recognize the diversity of multicultural students and wish to work with you on a level that you are comfortable with.  We encourage you to participate in programs for groups of multicultural students so you may benefit from the social as well as educational opportunities. You may also be pleasantly surprised at the range of students who identify themselves at multicultural.

If you do not feel comfortable participating with the larger group, just let Theresa or one of the assistants know. We will work with you to ensure that you have academic support in a manner that suits you.

Theresa Anderson
Academic Services Building, CSB