Theater (40 credits)

For course descriptions in Theater, see the 2005-2007 Academic Course Catalog.

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8 Credits in Technical Theater:
____ THEA 113, Technical Production I (4) (offered every fall)
____ THEA 213, Technical Production II (4) (QR) (offered every spring)

8 Credits in Acting:
____ THEA 117, Acting I (4) FA (offered every fall)
____ THEA 217, Acting II (4) (offered every spring)

8 Credits in Costume
____ THEA 253, Intro to the Costuming Process (4) (offered every spring)
____ THEA 321, Costume History (4) (offered every other fall) OR

THEA 353, Materials and Techniques (4) (offered every other spring)

4 Credits in Theater History
____ THEA 337, History of Theater to 18th Century (4) (offered every other fall)


THEA 338, History of Theater 18th Century to Present (4) (offered every other spring)

8 Credits in Dramatic Literature
____ THEA 327, Drama Form (4) HMU (GL) (offered every fall)
____ THEA 368, Modern Drama (4) HMU (GE) (offered every spring)
(36 credits)

Production Requirement
Theater Majors are required to complete four semesters of Thea 240 or 340.  These production credits must be in two or more of the areas listed below:
Acting, Scenography, Properties, Costume, Stage Management, Dramaturgy, Sound or Lighting
____ THEA_______________________________________
____ THEA_______________________________________
____ THEA_______________________________________
____ THEA_______________________________________

____ 4 Additional credits to complete the Theater major will be selected with department advisor
(40 credits)

Suggested first semester program of study:

CORE 100 or HONR 100, Symposium (4)
THEA 117, Acting I (4) FA
THEA 113, Technical Production I (4)
Foreign language or other Core requirement (4)

**NOTE In order for the Theater HMU courses (THEA 368 or THEA 327) to count as an upper division Humanities Core requirement, you must take a course that is designated HML (in Literature) first.

For more information, see the Theater Department website.