Liberal Studies

Major in Liberal Studies (44-48 credits)

Program Adviser: Jackie Hampton

I. Foundation: 8 courses (32 credits, 20 of which must be upper division)

Select 12 credits from two of the liberal arts areas(24 credits)

____ _____________________________________(4)
____ _____________________________________(4)
____ _____________________________________(4)
____ _____________________________________(4)
____ _____________________________________(4)
____ _____________________________________(4)

Area 1: Humanities

English, History, Philosophy, Theology, Modern & Classical Languages (excluding 111,112, 211 Courses), Communication.

Area 2: Fine Arts

Art, Music, Theater

Area 3: Social Sciences

Economics, Political Science, Management, Psychology, and Sociology.

Area 4: Natural Science/Math/Computer Science

Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Nutrition, and COLG courses in Natural Science.

Select 8 additional credits from the general areas above.
____ _____________________________________(4)
____ _____________________________________(4)

III. A 12-16 upper division credit student designed educational experience which integrates a topic or issue through several disciplines. A minimum of 4 credits and a maximum of 8 credits must be experiential in nature (i.e. internship or individual learning project). The experiential component must be combined with 8-12 additional credits of course work to satisfy the total Student Designed Experience. A preliminary proposal for your SDE is required by the close of your junior year. Once in progress, a one-page reflection describing the SDE as a bridge between theory and application is due to the Liberal Studies Advisor no later than the semester of graduation.

Suggested first semester program of study:

CORE 100 or HONR 100, Symposium (4)
Two lower-division Core requirements (4,4)
Foreign language course (4)

NOTE: Not more than 26 of the upper-division credits nor more than 30 of the 124 total credits will be in any one department. Courses taken to fulfill core curriculum requirements may not be used to fulfill requirements of the major. Not more than two courses may overlap with the requirements of a double major.

This is an interdisciplinary, self-designed major. Student's Primary advisor will be the Liberal Studies Advisor, but are encouraged to select an additional faculty advisor(s) from the area(s) of interest.