Environmental Studies

 Environmental Studies Major (53 credits)

 For Environmental Studies course descriptions, see the 2005-2007 Academic Course Catalog

 For further information on the environmental studies  major please contact Dr. Derek Larson, Environmental Studies Program Director, at 363-3247.

Required major courses 41 cr.

Environmental Studies 9 cr.
___ENVR 150 Intro to Environmental Studies (SSL)
___ENVR 395 ENVR Research Seminar
___ENVR 397 ENVR Internship (1 cr.)

Science 16 cr.
___MATH 124 Probability and Statistical Inference (MT)
        OR PSYC 221 Applied Behavioral Statistics (4) (prerequisite: 111)
___ENVR 175 Integrated Environmental Science I (NS)
___ENVR 275 Integrated Environmental Science II (NS)
___BIOL 334 General Ecology (prerequisite: BIOL 115 and 116, or BIOL 275) (NS)

Social Science 8 cr.
___ECON 111 Intro to Economics (SSL)
___ECON 318 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics (prerequisite: ECON 111)

Humanities 8 cr.
___PHIL 243 Environmental Ethics (HML)
___HIST 360 US Environmental History (HMU)

Major electives 12 cr. Students will take a total of three courses from among at least two of the following groups, only one course below the 300 level may count toward this requirement.

Environmental Studies electives
___ENVR 200 Topics in Environmental Studies (4) (with approval of program director)
___ENVR 300 Topics in Environmental Studies (4) (with approval of program director)

Science electives
___BIOL 331 Biology of the Pacific Northwest
___BIOL 332 Natural History of Terrestrial Vertebrates
___BIOL 336 Behavioral Ecology
___BIOL 337 Aquatic Ecology
___BIOL 338 Plant-Animal Interactions
___GEOL 211 Physical Geology (NS)
___GEOL 213 Environmental Geology (NS)
___GEOL 350 Petrology

Social Science electives
___PCST 215 Science, Environment, & Society (NS)
___PCST 354 Global Env. Politics (SSU)
___POLS 323 Con. Law Structure and Power (SSU)
___POLS 334 Regulatory Law
___POLS 353 International Law
___SOCI 338 World Population (SSU)

Humanities electives
___COMM 309 Environmental Rhetoric (HMU)
___THEO 343 Theology and the Environment (HMU)