Frequently Asked Questions

Advising and Registration

How are earned college credits included?

Information about earned college credits provided on your Advising Registration Form and/or from the Registrar’s Office will be taken into consideration when creating your fall schedule.

College credits earned will be posted on your CSB and SJU transcript during the fall semester. Students are responsible for submitting official test scores (AP/IB) and transcripts from other colleges (PSEO/CIS) to the registrar’s office to be evaluated. Click on the link above for more information.

Electronic transcripts should be sent to [email protected]. Contact Barbara Novak, Assistant Registrar, if you have questions about transfer credits.

How can I request changes to my fall schedule?

  • Contact Academic Advising if you have questions or wish to discuss a change to your fall semester schedule: [email protected] or 320-363-5687.
  • Schedule changes may be made in consultation with an academic advisor through the first week of the semester.

How were my classes chosen?

You are enrolled in courses that allow you to explore your areas of interest while fulfilling Integrations Curriculum requirements.

Among the majors/pre-professional programs you listed, the most highly structured program received priority. This strategy allows greater flexibility should you ultimately opt for a less structured program.

Refer to the sample schedules below to see the recommended first semester courses for your intended major or pre-professional program. A typical first semester schedule is 16-18 credits.

Sample schedules:

What do I need to know about specific course requirements?


This course meets once weekly through the first semester and is required of all first-year students. The course will support students’ adjustment to college expectations and their engagement with resources and opportunities at CSB and SJU.


  •  INTG 100 is required of all students in the first year, regardless of PSEO coursework. This writing intensive course introduces students to critical thinking skills and the interconnectedness of the liberal arts. Readings and discussion topics will vary across course sections.


  • All students complete a course in Cultural and Social Difference: Identity in the first year.
  • Courses from a variety of academic departments fulfill this requirement with the common goal of examining the intersection of gender, race, and ethnicity. Readings and discussion topics will vary across course sections.


  • Your language history–as you described in your Advising and Registration form—and language placement exam score (if in French, German or Spanish) determine placement.
  • Bilingual students may meet the language requirement through language course enrollment (including English Reading/Composition for Bilingual Students) or by proficiency assessment. Additional information will be sent via email to students who noted bilingual fluency in their registration materials.


  • To ensure success in math courses, ACT/SAT scores and previous math experience are evaluated.
  • Students who need additional preparation will enroll in MATH 111 Pre-Statistics and Modeling or MATH 115 Pre-calculus (2 cr. each) before enrolling in a full-semester math course.
  • Additional information is available on the Math Department website.


  • CHEM125 Introduction to Chemical Structures and Properties is included if required in your first semester. CHEM125 is not the same as General Chemistry and is not replaced by general chemistry AP, IB, or post-secondary credits.
  • CHEM201 Purification/Separation Lab may be taken for 0 or 1 credit. Lab is not required concurrently with CHEM125 and is not required for nursing or nutrition majors other than nutrition/pre-health.

Where can I find additional information and resources?

Start with this information:

Download the Advising and Registration FAQs (PDF).
College of Saint Benedict Saint John’s University

Contact Academic Advising

102 Academic Services Building, CSB


Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Academic Advising is available for in person, phone or virtual appointments.

Appointment: The HIVE
Email: [email protected]

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