Discover Possible Majors

Explore Majors

  • Talk with faculty members in your areas of interest to learn more about majors, major requirements, scheduling of courses and opportunities in those fields of study.
  • Take classes to explore possible majors and fulfill core curriculum requirements.
  • Attend a "Choosing a Major" or "Major Options" workshop.
  • Check out "What Can I Do with a Major in . . . " section on the Career Services' homepage.
  • Search departmental homepages for information on potential majors.
  • Select a Faculty Advisor in a department that interests you.

Develop possible four-year academic plans

  • Review the major requirements listed in the catalog or on the Academic Advising homepage.
  • Meet with your Faculty Advisor to create a four-year plan that includes core curriculum courses, your major and experiential learning opportunities (see Discover by Doing).
  • Check Webster for the record of core requirements you have satisfied.
  • Build relationships with faculty members and staff through class and individual appointments.
  • Apply to major(s) during your sophomore year (contact academic departments for requirements and deadlines).
  • Apply for a Bachelor's Degree during the spring semester of your junior year.

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