Discover By Doing

Gain experience related to your areas of interest through activities such as:

  • Internships (credit or non-credit)
    Through an internship you can gain hands-on experience, learn new skills, and explore a profession while applying theories and methods learned in the classroom.  Learn about the internship process and available internships through faculty, the Internship Office and Career Services.
  • Service Learning
    - Consider enrolling in a class with a service learning component.  Through these classes you will integrate theory and practice, gain skills and serve the community.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations
    - By participating in clubs and organizations you may develop leadership, communication and organizational skills, cultivate your standard of ethics and values, and actively contribute to you community.  Clubs and organizations are a wonderful way to test out your classroom learning.
  • Student Employment
    - Through a student employment position you will have the opportunity to develop leadership, communication, interpersonal, organizational and other transferable skills.
  • Study Abroad
    - Through the Center for International Education you may study for a semester in Australia, Austria, London, Central America, China, France, Greece, and Italy, Ireland, Japan, South Africa or Spain.  You might also choose to study abroad through one of the summer programs.  The office also advises students on external study abroad programs and direct enrollment in foreign universities.
  • Undergraduate Research
    - You will have the opportunity to engage in intensive scholarship, research or creative work within your chosen field of study.
  • Volunteering
    - Volunteering will allow you to learn more about yourself and others through service to the greater community.  Volunteering provides an opportunity to put classroom learning into practice and learn about career opportunities.  Volunteers In Service To Others (VISTO) is one way to connect to service opportunities.
  • Work  (Part-time or summer employment options)
    - An intentional work experience can help you:  learn the expectations or work environments, develop skills and connect your classroom theory with real-world practice.

Prepare yourself for these opportunities:

  • Discuss your interest in experiential learning with faculty and others and build these experiences into your four-year plan.
  • Develop learning goals you would like to achieve through various experiences.
  • Use Career Services guides and homepage for assistance with your resume, interviews and internship/job searches.
  • Create customized resumes and correspondence and have them critiqued by a Career Counselor.
  • Develop your interviewing skills; complete a practice interview through Career Services.

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