Fall 2008 New Student Course Request Form

Welcome!  This online Course Request Form (CRF) is the first step in building your fall schedule.  Professional academic advisors will use the information you provide to create a schedule that reflects your interests and plans.  

Please respond to all items thoughtfully.  It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the items in this form, though more time may be required to review the Helpful Links on the right side of each page.  For best results, maximize your internet window and use the Previous and Next buttons for navigation.  Once you submit the form, academic advisors can begin your registration process.   Completed Course Request Forms are due MAY 15. 

Note that your registration will be complete only after you have:

  • Submitted your Course Request Form
  • Completed the Global Language Placement Exam, also due May 15.
  • Requested that an official transcript for any college coursework be sent to the CSB/SJU Admission Office