A Note from Academic Advising

By: Jason Kelly, Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Advising

At CSB/SJU we believe in a holistic approach to education. We promote learning both in and out of the classroom. I believe in living a balanced life. The Rule of Saint Benedict (48.9) says, "All things in moderation." We hope you will be partners in helping your daughters and sons achieve the balanced learning experience they have come here seeking.

I want you to encourage your son or daughter. College is hard. We will challenge our students but we know they have the ability to succeed (otherwise they would not have been accepted). We know that if students put in the time and effort, they will be successful. However, they frequently underestimate how much time and effort is needed in order to be successful. Encourage them to keep working and share with them why you believe a college education is so important. In May of each year we gather to celebrate the success of our students.

As a way of showing how important this education is, I hope you will take the time to ask prodding questions that demonstrate your genuine interest in your son or daughter's education. Ask questions that do not result in a response like "fine" or "ok." For example, ask questions like, "What are you learning in your First Year Seminar course?" or, "Explain to me what you do in your biology lab." This sort of inquiry opens the door to deeper conversations and models the type of questioning we hope your student will use inside and outside the classroom at CSB/SJU.

In the coming months, the members of the Academic Advising Office and I will write short columns intended to help you know what is going on at each point of the academic year. However, if you have questions, please talk with your son or daughter to learn what is happening in his or her life and know that we are here as a support service for them.

Have a great year!