Advisor Change Request

This request is to be used by students in sophomore, junior, and senior statusYour request for a new advisor will be considered by the faculty member to whom you direct this form. You will be notified by email that the advisor change has been made or that you should seek a different faculty advisor.  Please note:  if you are making this change during registration, your advisor will only become valid after registration is over.

First-year students:  During the summer, before your sophomore year, a Faculty Advisor is assigned to you.  During the spring semester of your first year at CSB and SJU, you will be assigned to or choose a new Faculty Advisor in your intended area of study.  If you are still Exploring major options, you may choose to stay with your current Faculty Advisor or work with one of the members of the Academic Advising Office as your Faculty Advisor until you choose a major.

You will find your Faculty Advisor listed on your Degree Works.

 If your major, minor, or pre-professional program has changed, please follow this link to update the information.

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