About Academic Advising

Mission Statement

CSB/SJU Academic Advising Office
Staff Roles


The Academic Advising Office empowers students to explore academic interests and opportunities; address academic challenges; and develop educational plans consistent with academic, personal, and professional goals.  The office collaborates with faculty and staff to support student academic success.

Objectives for Student Learning

1)      Students will engage in self-exploration to (introspection)

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, values and interests
  • Clarify and articulate educational, career and life goals
  • Choose major through research, critical thinking and realistic self-appraisal  

2)      Students will appreciate the college experience… (maximize the experience)

  • Recognize the value of a liberal arts education.
  • Demonstrate resilience in addressing academic challenges
  • Design an integrated plan consistent with academic, personal and professional goals

3)      Students will (tools)

  • Utilize campus resources
  • Understand academic policies and procedures
  • Complete graduation requirements in a timely fashion

Four Year Advising Curriculum:  Transition, Explore, Navigate, Maximize

First Year:

  • Transition to college life
  • Establish effective time management skills and study habits
  • Engage in self-exploration to identify strengths, weaknesses, values and interests, goals, etc.
  • Research available campus resources and academic support services
  • Build a relationship with FYS professor
  • Become familiar with Banner, DegreeWorks and other academic planning tools
  • Utilize Career Services for major and career exploration

Sophomore Year:

  • Build relationship with new departmental faculty advisor
  • Clarify and articulate educational goals
  • Select and apply to intended major through research, critical thinking and realistic self-appraisal
  • Apply to study abroad programs
  • Prioritize academic goals and prepare academic plan for degree completion
  • Continue relationship with Career Services to explore experiential opportunities

Junior Year:

  • Engage with departmental faculty to explore and apply for research opportunities, scholarship options, graduate programs, and other experiential opportunities
  • Review DegreeWorks for accuracy and progress toward degree
  • Submit Application for Degree

Senior Year:

  • Apply for post-graduate opportunities (graduate school, volunteer opportunities, jobs, etc.)
  • Articulate the value of a liberal arts education
  • Verify degree completion with DegreeWorks and faculty advisor