Health and Wellness

CSB and SJU Well-Being Center Resources (for CSB and SJU students)

The Well-Being Center includes Counseling, Health Services, and Health Promotion:

  • Counseling focuses on enhancing the well-being of CSB and SJU students by promoting mental health, interpersonal relationships, and academic performance. Their work includes prevention, intervention, consultation, and referral services. There are no charges for their services, which include individual and group counseling and first-come first-served Walk-In Wednesday consultations. Visit their website for emergency resources, crisis resources, and after-hour resources, along with other information to support your physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Health Services promotes the health and well-being of CSB and SJU students by providing high-quality primary care and preventative services. Office visits are free, unlimited, and confidential. In addition, any labs, assessments, procedures, and medications facilitated on campus are provided at low cost. Their services include Primary Care, Urgent Care, Sports Physicals, Travel (Study Abroad) Consults, and Wellness Services.
  • Health Promotion advocates for a healthy campus culture and empowers students to take responsibility for lifestyle choices and behaviors that result in enhanced wellbeing now and throughout their lives.
Saint Joseph Food Shelf Access 

Students living on BOTH CSB and SJU campuses can receive food from this local food shelf! This is a change (effective March 2024) from previous years for SJU students and increases access for students living on campus in Collegeville especially. The Saint Joseph Food Shelf is located at 18 E. Birch St. and hours are Tuesdays/Thursdays from 1 PM-3 PM.

  • Students living on campus will need to bring the following documentation:
    1. Government issued ID (e.g., drivers license, passport, State ID card) and
    2. A device with internet access (e.g., smart phone, tablet, laptop) to pull up banner/information verifying they are a current student
  • Students living off campus are also welcome to use the food shelf – they need to bring:
    1. Government issued ID and
    2. Verification of their Saint Joseph address (e.g., lease, utility bill, etc.).  
Covid Protocol and Resources (for CSB and SJU students, Fall 2023)

Students are encouraged to visit the Health Center. They can also call the Health Center's RN directly at 320-363-5370 so the RN can walk them through recommendations. If they test positive for Covid, students are encouraged to to let their instructors know that they are ill. Please refer to Health Services' Resources site for current guidelines and additional resources.

The CDC's updated March 2024 Covid-19 guidelines recommend following the same general precautions with Covid as you take with the flu, including isolating until you’ve gone 24 hours with no fever and improving symptoms. After this isolation period, they suggest you should take other precautions for the next five days, including wearing a mask and limiting close contact. 

Health at Work (for CSB and SJU faculty and staff)

Health at Work offers a variety of health-related classes and activities to CSB and SJU community members. Courses are led by trained instructors and are available during a variety of days and times on either campus.

Athletic Facilities and Equipment (for CSB and SJU students, staff, and faculty) 
Additional Resources
  • Human Resources posts monthly Well-Being Newsletters and periodic health challenges to the Bulletin.