Mission, Vision and Strategic Directions

Mission of the College of Saint Benedict 

The mission of the College of Saint Benedict is to provide for women the best residential liberal arts education
in the Catholic and Benedictine traditions. The college fosters integrated learning, exceptional leadership for change
and wisdom for a lifetime.

Vision for the Future  

The College of Saint Benedict will be nationally recognized as a community that provides a liberal arts education
preparing women to think critically, lead courageously, and advocate passionately.  

Strategic Directions 2020  

Liberal Arts for Life

By 2020, the liberal arts experience at the College of Saint Benedict will be characterized by an innovative and integrative curriculum that provides our students with the knowledge, skills, experiences and values to meet their professional and personal goals and shape their civic identity. 

Holistic and Transformational Development of Women

By 2020, the College of Saint Benedict will transform and empower young women to live their lives with integrity and purpose, utilize their voice with confidence and compassion, and engage diverse perspectives and peoples, inspiring them to reach their full potential. 

Inclusive & Engaging Catholic & Benedictine Experience

By 2020, the College of Saint Benedict will extend our Catholic and Benedictine values to create a vibrant and lived community experience. We will preserve and embed the Benedictine values of our sponsoring communities. 

Shared Future, Sustainable Future

By 2020, the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University will together develop and implement an economic model that allows us to meet and sustain high standards of excellence, value, affordability and efficiency.