College of Saint Benedict

Bennie Creed

We are College of Saint Benedict Women

csb students at dinner

First-year President’s Dinner, 2019

Our Identity

We are:

  • Individuals
  • Smart
  • Strong
  • Spiritual
  • Committed
  • Confident
  • Creative
  • Diverse
  • Powerful
  • Worldly
  • Leaders
  • Agents for change
  • Vibrant
  • Open‐minded
  • Accomplished

Our Values

We value:

  • Intercultural differences
  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Community
  • Listening
  • Relationships
  • Social Justice
  • Creativity
  • Hospitality
  • Other women
  • Independent thinking
  • Financial competence
  • Balance

Our Credo

We believe:

  • In sharing our spirit
  • That our power well‐used is a route to positive change
  • That personal strength is a prerequisite for helping others
  • There is joy in giving back to those who have given to us
  • That leadership is in service to the greater good
  • That personal wealth can be used to strengthen others
  • In mentoring the women who come behind us
  • Intelligence is a gift to be developed to its highest levels
  • That our worth is no less or no greater than the worth of others

Our Pledge

We act to:

  • Lead to the fullest extent of our talents
  • Promote justice in our world
  • Preserve our environment
  • Direct our power toward the common good
  • Empower other women
  • Empower those less fortunate
  • Influence history
  • Make our presence felt and voices heard
  • Recognize those who are not at the table and invite them in
College of Saint Benedict

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