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19th Amendment

19 Amendment


As a college for women, the College of Saint Benedict is in a unique position to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. Our continued work to develop courageous leaders and passionate advocates calls us to reflect on the incomplete work of the suffrage movement: continued gender inequity, racism and the exclusion of many communities of women.


Given this moment in women’s suffrage history, we celebrate women, including our alumnae, who are leaders, executives, politicians, mothers, scientists and more. We recognize the civic engagement of Bennies in communities around the world, and their work to more fully extend equity and justice in our world today.


While we celebrate the progress, we acknowledge there is still work to do. The struggle toward equal voice, equal access, equal rights and equal opportunities is ongoing in the United States and around the world. Through voter registration campaigns, we continue to advocate for the voice of all people in creating a more just world.

Join us as the College of Saint Benedict honors the ratification of a woman’s right to vote, a social movement spanning two centuries. Through November 2020, we will celebrate the results of women’s passionate advocacy and illuminate the work we have yet to do.

Talks, lectures, exhibits, resources and events will focus on international and intersectional aspects of suffrage, public policy engagement, arts and history and a program to encourage voting in 2020.

19+ is supported by the CSB Office of the President, the CSB/SJU Political Science Department, the CSB/SJU Communications Department, the Sister Nancy Hynes Institute for Women’s Leadership, CSB Institutional Advancement, and the Joseph P. Farry Professorship.

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