Tom Wicka '90

Tom Wicka's '90 experience at Saint John's had a profound impact on his life. When asked to describe that impact Wicka stated, "SJU created an internal compass for me of how to approach life's experiences and opportunities." The sense of belonging to a larger community and the responsibility of serving others were traits that Wicka learned while a student at Saint John's and they guide him in his current daily decision making. "To me the SJU way is to work hard, contribute positively to life and appreciate the small things".

When asked to describe how his Saint John's experience influenced the choices in his life, Wicka replied, "The bond that SJU helped me construct with my friends and family is what guides the choices I make in life. Friends and family are always my first point of consideration and they are the core to my happiness."

Wicka has enjoyed tremendous success in the printing business. Wicka worked as a sales person for Banta Direct Marketing for eleven years, first in New York then back in Minneapolis. In January, he became an owner and Executive Vice President of Sales for The Instant Web Companies in Chaska, which produces large volume printing and mailing direct mail. "! wish I could say that my career success was part of a master plan. The reality of where I am today has been through hard work and opportunity taken."

The ability to work with people and being a catalyst for positive change have been elements in Tom's career ascension.

"Being connected to the institution of Saint John's is critical for me for a couple of reasons; first, it helps to remind me of a time in my life that was simpler and less obligating. Second, I am the product of people who cared about me and my development -parents, friends, coaches, teachers. The SJU connection gives me a channel to respect and renew those investments that people made in me."

Wicka states, "The best way I know to stay connected is through donating time and money to Saint John's and attending the fall football games every year." (article written for the Saint John's magazine)