SJU Campus Map

Map of SJU

Saint John's Campus Map

  1. Quadrangle
  2. Great Hall, Information Desk
  3. Abbey Church
  4. Breuer Wing of Monastery
  5. Student Beach
  6. Abbey Chapter House
  7. Abbey Guesthouse
  8. Saint John’s Preparatory School
    8a Weber Center
    8b Saint Bede Hall
  9. Peter Engel Science Center
    9a New Science Building
  10. Alcuin Library
  11. Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
  12. Warner Palaestra
    12a Donald McNeely Spectrum, McKendrick Hall
    12b Clemens Stadium
  13. Virgil Michel House
  14. Saint Placid House
  15. Saint Maur House
  16. Saint Boniface Hall
  17. Saint Patrick Hall
  18. Saint Bernard Hall
  19. Saint Thomas Aquinas Hall
  20. Art Center
  21. Saint Joseph Hall, Saint John’s Pottery Studio
  22. Power House
  23. Physical Plant and Woodworking Shop
  24. Fire Hall
  25. Emmaus Hall
  26. Saint John’s Cemetery
  27. Lake Sagatagan
  28. Monastic Gardens (Private)
  29. Wimmer Hall
  30. Saint Luke Hall
  31. Liturgical Press
  32. Saint Francis House
  33. Saint Gregory House
  34. Guild Hall
  35. Simons Hall
  36. Sexton Commons, Saint John’s Bookstore
  37. Saint Mary Hall
  38. Music Hall and Humphrey Theater
  39. Saint Benet Hall
  40. Seton Apartments (Earth Sheltered)
  41. Saint Vincent Court
  42. McKeown Center
  43. Metten Court Apartments
  44. Flynntown Apartments
  45. Collegeville Institute
  46. Episcopal House of Prayer
  47. Saint John’s Parish Center
  48. Baseball Field, Tennis Courts, Soccer Field, and Seasonally Domed Field

P1 Science Lot #1
P2 Science Lot #2
P3 Prep School Faculty Lot
P4 Church North Lot & Church South Lot
P5 Visitor Parking
P6 Visitor Parking
P7 Mary Lot
P8 Flagpole Lot
P9 Watab North Lot & Watab South Lot
P10 Palaestra Lot
P11 Palaestra North Lot
P12 Flynntown Lot
P13 Art Center Lot
P14 Fire Hall Lot
P15 Power House Lot
P16 Liturgical Press Lot
P17 Seminary Lot

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