Minor Requirements

The 21st century global business environment, the most intensely dynamic one in history, requires a new type of leader. This modern leader must have traditional functional knowledge and analytical skills, yet be increasingly adept at leading diverse teams of innovators and managers from around the world. These leaders must have a deeper global awareness and intercultural understanding than ever before.

The Global Business Leadership curriculum provides an intensive, community based, 16 credit sophomore course experience. For the minor in this program you are required to take the full Sophomore Experience and Global Enterprise your junior or senior years.

Pre-Requisites for GBUS courses (should be taken during the first year):

  • ACFN 111:     Principles I 
  • ECON 111:    Introduction to Economics
  • One Math course from the following :   MATH 118, 119, 122, or 124

GBUS Courses Required:
Sophomore Year (Cohorts):

  • GBUS 210: Strategic Environment
  • GBUS 230: Decision Making Methods
  • GBUS 220: People in Organizations
  • GBUS 240: Tools of Analysis

Junior & Senior Year - Completion of sophomore level courses is required for enrollment in 300 level courses:

  • GBUS 300: Global Enterprise