2017–2018 Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP)

Please note: This year's application has closed. Please check back for next year's application deadline in September 2018! Please contact Lindsey Gutsch, MISP Designated Campus Liaison, at [email protected] with any questions.

"The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program was an amazing opportunity to bridge the gap between medicine, innovation, and business. There are no other programs where you can get [a] hands on learning experience like [this]..."

-Brady Riesgraf, 2016-2017

"The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program is a unique opportunity that allowed me to apply what I have learned to a real world situation. The interdisciplinary collaboration provided me with an opportunity to approach things from a different lens, something I would not have had the opportunity to do within my major alone.

-Haylie McClung, 2016-2017

The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for selected undergraduate students, along with a small group of MBA students, to research specific projects submitted by Mayo Clinic professionals. Whether they research the medical-scientific aspect of the project, or work on business-oriented tasks, students involved in the MISP project work along-side a faculty mentor and MBA student to explore cutting-edge products, research topics, and examine services provided by the Mayo Clinic.

After attending the required orientation session in the fall regarding the Program’s policies and specific project assignments, students work from October through March to interview Mayo Clinic staff members and research their topic area, before preparing a final paper and presenting the results of their research efforts to professionals at Mayo Clinic and other program participants.

Mayo Innovation Scholars Presentations days for 2017-2018 will be March 8-9th. Through the financial support of CSB/SJU, the Medtronic Foundation and the Minnesota Private College Council, student participants receive $1,000 for their concerted efforts following the presentation in March.

Eligibility:The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program is open to current CSB and SJU Juniors and Seniors only; in particular, those who meet a GPA requirement of 3.2 or above.

Application Process: Submit the items outlined below to Sanford Moskowitz/[email protected] AND Lisa Lindgren/[email protected] (majors in Global Business, Economics, Communication, and Accounting/Finance) or Jen Schaefer/[email protected] (majors in the natural sciences, which include Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Natural Science/Integrative Science, Nursing, Nutrition, and Physics).

Application materials should be submitted as one PDF attachment in the following order:

1. Cover letter/personal statement that explicitly addresses the questions:

  • Why do you want to participate in the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program?
  • What strengths will you bring to this experience?
  • What other time commitments and travel do you have planned for November through March?

2. Your résumé

3. Copy of your transcript

Please note: This year's application has closed. Please check back for next year's application deadline in September 2018.

Selected students will work as a team with an MBA project leader from St. Thomas or Augsburg at least once in the time between selection as a MISP participant and the required fall training in October in Rochester. For general questions about the program, students may also contact Lindsey Gutsch, MISP Campus Liaison, at [email protected].

For helpful tips on writing responses for the cover letter, supplemental questions, résumé writing, and interview techniques, please visit the XPD website