Thank you for helping with Celebrating Scholarship & Creativity Day as a moderator for a session or presentation. Please begin each session/presentation giving the following:

  1. Brief Welcome
  2. Moderator's name
  3. Presenter's name
  4. Presentation title
  5. Advisor's name
  6. Department

Outline the presentation format, (i.e., this is an hour-long session with two, 20 minute presentations and a 5 minute question and answer session for each, as well as 5 minutes allotted to move between presentations). Please ask guests to wait until presentations are completed before they leave the room. Please check with each presenter and let them know that you will keep track of the time and indicate to them when they have 5 minutes left in their presentation. In addition, please keep track of the Q&A session length and stop it after 5 minutes to keep the day on schedule.

If your department/area has arranged for box lunches or a reception; please announce that to the presenters and guests as well. Please make sure the door to the room is closed prior to presentations beginning.