Senior Year

Continue to Develop Career Tools

  • Identify 3 to 4 individuals who are willing and able to serve as professional references for you or write letters of recommendation
  • Discuss post-graduation goals with faculty and career counselors
  • Visit the career center to enhance your career tools (resume, cover letter, portfolio, networking skills, interviewing skills, job search strategies)
  • Start writing down stories from you past experiences that you can use in interviews to highlight your abilities, skills, traits, and achievements

If your post-graduation plans include....


  • Begin your job search early in your senior year (a job search can easily take 6 months from start to finish)
  • Attend some of the weekly career panels on "What Can I do with a Major in...? or "Careers in..." to network with alums and gain information about various career fields
  • Starting in the early fall, regularly check E-link job postings for upcoming on campus interviews - More Info...
  • Gather information on realistic salary expectations
  • Participate in employer information sessions, roundtables, and networking events
  • Develop an employer prospect list with contact names and addresses of organizations you are interested in pursuing

 ...Graduate/Professional School

  • Attend workshops and panels to learn more about the graduate school admission process
  • Keep careful track of application materials and deadlines
  • If possible, visit the graduate schools to which you have applied for admission
  • Attend the fall Graduate School Fair held at the University of Minnesota

...Volunteering Full Time

  • Begin your search for a volunteer position early in your senior year (a volunteer position search can easily take 6 months from start to finish)
  • Participate in Career Services' Workshops and events to enhance your skills and learn about opportunities
  • Attend the Volunteer (After Graduation) Fair