MGMT 321 Principles of Marketing

Prof. R. Saucier Office Hours: 11 – 12 1-3-5
146 Simons 10 – 11 2-4-6
[email protected]

Textbooks: Marketing 6e
by Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel

Description: An introduction to the functions and activities of marketing. Topics include the marketing environment, consumer behavior, market research, marketing plans, product development, distribution, promotion, and pricing of products.

Course Objectives:

1. To provide an understanding of the structure and operation of marketing activities in a variety of organizations.
2. To develop a working knowledge of marketing concepts, functions, and institutions.
3. To develop the problem solving and analysis skills necessary for making marketing decisions.
4. To introduce students to approaches and problems of marketing decision making under conditions facing uncertainty faced by the marketer.
5. To consider the ethical implications of marketing decisions.
6. To appreciate the complexities of marketing, including a global context.
7. To improve your application of analysis to marketing problems.
8. To improve group problem solving skills and the ability to work as an effective member of a team.

Attendance: To realize the full potential of this course students are encouraged to
attend all scheduled classes and participate in class activities. Students
who miss a class are responsible for researching the missing information
on their own.

Please turn off all pagers & cell phones before the start of class.

Grading: Quizzes 10%
Participation 10%
Marketing Report 20%
Cases 20%
Idea Briefs or Service Project 10%
Exams (3) 30%

A = 92-100 AB = 89-91
B = 82-88 BC = 79-81
C = 72-78 CD = 69-71
D = 62-68 F = 61-

Cases: Cases look at a real life issue facing a busy at a particular point in time.
We will discuss issues facing the organization and look for possible solutions. Students need to be prepared to discuss the case & turn in to me a 1 page response as to what marketing issues were present in the case & in your recommendations.

Participation: Based on class attendance, arriving on time, treating fellow classmates and instructor with respect. You will also be graded on class discussions – the purpose is to practice debating and presentation skills. You should be ready to proactively contribute at all classes. Reward will be for contributions that get the discussion to a productive start, shape the discussion through the use of course concepts, bringing in experiences that facilitate learning, help change direction when needed, and reflect good listening to what others have said. I will ask you to self-evaluate 2/3 of the way in to the semester.

Idea Briefs: You will be responsible to complete a combination of 5 marketing related activities consisting of marketing related articles or on/off campus functions (such as a speaker). You will report back to the class what marketing related topics were present and what you learned from the activity. You will also need to turn in a 1 page summary of your findings along with any attached material relating to the activity. Each student is limited to no more than 1 presentation on a given class day. Last day to present is 12/5.

Project: A limited listing of service projects will be available requiring approximately 10-20 hours of work outside the class. You will need to write a 5-10 page paper on what marketing concepts were present in your project and how you used marketing techniques to assist the organization. Due by 12/5.

Quizzes: Consist of 10 multiple choice and essay questions.

Exams: Three semester exams consisting of objective & essay questions.

Make-ups: All semester make-ups will be scheduled for a date to be determined at the end of the semester.

All course outline terms are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

Tentative Schedule

Week 1 Introduction
Read Ch. 1

Week 2 Marketing Plans & Marketing Environment
Read Ch. 2 & 3

Week 3 Marketing Environment
Read Ch. 3

Week 4 Consumer Decision Making
Read Ch. 5

Week 5 Consumer Decision Making
Read Ch. 5

Week 6 Segmenting & Targeting Markets
Read Ch. 7
Exam #1

Week 7 Product Concepts
Read Ch. 9

Week 8 Developing & Managing Products
Read Ch. 10

Week 9 Services
Read Ch. 11
Exam #2

Week 10 Retailing
Read Ch 13

Week 11 Retailing
Read Ch 13

Week 12 Marketing Communications
Read Ch. 14

Week 13 Advertising
Read Ch. 15

Week 14 Pricing
Read Ch. 17

Week 15 Marketing Research
Read Ch. 8

Week 16 Exam #3