The Sustainable Sexinar: Sustainable Sex and Eco-Sexuality


Thursday,  March 14, 2013 -  Brother Willie's Pub at  7:00pm



You buy organic food.  You compost your table scraps.  You drive a hybrid.  You ought to be commended for your eco-conscious lifestyle, right?  Wrong.  If you haven't thought about making your sex life more environmentally friendly, then you've neglected to consider one of humankind's largest ecological impacts.  Sex, sexuality, and related activities are the root cause of many pressing environmental issues including population growth, resource depletion, water and land pollution, and ecosystem destruction.  At The Sustainable SEXinar, participants will explore these issues by partaking in student-led breakout sessions that inform, engage, and inspire.  Topics of the sessions include: "Population Control and Eco-contraception," "Feminist Ethics and Eco-Sexuality," and "Green Products and Seduction."        


This session will be facilitated by members of the CSB/SJU Eco-Houses, Collin Motschke, & Wenyu Heng