Separate but Sexual - An Interactive Analysis of the Sexual Culture at CSB/SJU


 Monday,  March 11, 2013 -  O'Connell's at 7:00pm



 With separate campuses at CSB/SJU, students have a unique experience in terms of academics, lifestyles, and activities, but also in terms of sexual relationships.  Looking at this factor along with the presence of Benedictine values and stereotypes of what it means to be a Bennie or Johnnie, students will receive questions and be able to respond anonymously through live polling.  With Dr. KSDZ as a moderator, a hook-up culture expert and professor of theology and ethics, we will interactively discuss topics including the benefits and consequences of hooking up, the presence of and types of sexual relationships at CSB/SJU, and the influences of the Benedictinces and Catholicism on sex and sexuality on campus.  The goal of the discussion is to create a culture that is more open to consider sex more responsibly and be willing to have important conversations that appear to be overlooked currently.


This session will be facilitated by Dr. Kari-Shane Davis-Zimmerman, Stephen Gross, Galen Himrich, & Kristen Lundberg