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What is an Internship?

An internship is a structured work experience that combines academic learning and career exploration in a professional work environment.

  • For students, an internship is a bridge between the classroom and the world of work. Students gain hands-on experience, learn new skills, and explore a profession while learning to apply and test theories and methods learned in the classroom.
  • For the host organization, interns bring enthusiasm and new perspectives, complete special projects, and assist with a variety of staff functions.
  • The heart of a successful internship experience is the relationship between the intern and the supervisor, who serves as mentor and guide.
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid.
  • Students may do more than one internship. A maximum of 16 internship credits may be earned.
  • Credits for an internship may be earned in more than one department.
  • Internships for credit normally last an entire semester (16 weeks) or summer (12 weeks). See Requirements for Earning Credits for hours requirements.
  • Planning for an internship
  • Requirements for earning credits
  • Finding a faculty moderator
  • CSB/SJU Internship Registration Instructions

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Steps to Obtaining an Internship

Here's a list of steps which most students need to complete to find an internship. Internships for credit are generally arranged during the senior year. Zero-credit internships may be arranged at any time and are often planned for summer. CSB and SJU Career Services sponsor the Summer Internship Program (SIP) to assist students. In any case, the following are important steps in preparing for your internship. Please contact the Internship Office (363-5799) if you have questions or need further information.

Planning for an Internship

1. Start thinking about the possibilities for an internship and talk with your department and your faculty advisor.

  • With your advisor, set up your four-year plan to include time for an internship. This may be a full semester internship for credit or a summer internship for credit or no credit.

2. Identify and articulate your work related interests, values, and skills.

  • Meet with Career Services staff (Academic Services Bldg. at CSB; or Mary 025 at SJU ) CSB/SJU Career Services
  • Talk with professors, employers and others who know you well

3. Find out more about your field of interest and the opportunities available.

Searching for an Internship

Plan and carry out your internship search:

Write a draft of a resume and a basic cover letter.

  • Meet with Career Services staff for a critique of your resume and cover letter. (Academic Services Bldg. at CSB; or Mary 025 at SJU ) CSB/SJU Career Services.
  • Choose specific organizations to research.
  • Contact the Internship Office or Career Services for assistance with your search or answers to questions you may have.
  • Check with departments about the requirements for earning internship credits related to your major/minor/concentration. Academic departments
  • For internships for credit, find one (or two) faculty to be your faculty moderator(s) for the internship. Finding a faculty moderator.
  • Consider whether a summer internship would fit with your plans. Career Services/Summer Internships
  • Contact organizations by phone, letter or email as specified by the organization.
  • Follow up with contacts and set up interviews.
  • Prepare for interviews and interview. (Be sure to send thank you letters.)
  • Consult with your faculty moderator (and others) and make a decision regarding positions offered.
  • Notify the organization(s) regarding your decision.

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Arranging for Earning Credits

  • Determine the number of internship credits you want to earn in accordance with your four year plan. You may be able to earn credits in more than one department.
  • Check with departments about the requirements for earning internship credits related to your major/minor/concentration.
Requirements for Earning Credits

General guidelines for earning internship credits are designed so that one (1) credit is equivalent to working 40 hours over one (1) semester. Internships for less than 4 credits must have the same structure and length as a 4 credit internship.To earn:

1 to 4 credits--you will work 10 hours per week for one semester.
8 credits--you will work 20 hours per week for one semester.
16 credits--you will work 40 hours per week for one semester.

Summer internships are required to be 12 weeks in length, or a minimum of 10 weeks.

Once you have obtained an internship

  1. Find a Faculty Moderator. See Finding a Faculty Moderator below. If you will be earning credits in more than one department, you must have a faculty moderator from each department. A separate registration form is needed for each department.
  2. Students who plan to earn credits for an internship, are required to attend the Legal and Professional Issues Session held in both fall and spring semesters. Contact Mary Jo Beuning at 363-5799 for information on this requirement.
  3. Registration paperwork, including the Preliminary Learning Contract and the required legal forms, must be completed and signed before beginning the internship. Registration Instructions
Finding a Faculty Moderator
  • Your faculty moderator should be in the department where you will be earning your internship credits.
  • The faculty moderator is typically a professor from whom you have taken a class and with whom you have developed a relationship.
  • Talk to your faculty moderator when you are in the planning stages of your internship. Planning an internship Find out any expectations he or she might have pertaining to your internship.
  • Your faculty moderator will help you to develop your learning goals and objectives for the internship; will set up the means of evaluation; and, when you have completed your internship, will give you your grade.
  • If you will be earning credits in more than one department, you'll need a faculty moderator for each department and separate registration forms.

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CSB/SJU Internship Registration Instructions

The semester before you plan to intern:

Contact the Internship Staff for information about:

  • Registering for the Legal and Professional Issues Session
  • Requirements and registration to earn credits
  • Obtaining the packet of forms
  • If you have not already done so, find one (or two) faculty to be your faculty moderator(s). Finding a faculty moderator.
  • Discuss your internship plans with your faculty moderator(s)--type of internship, number of credits--and gain approval.
  • For a fall or spring internship, during the advance registration period indicate your intent to register for an internship by entering DNA-397-01A and the Call # through Banner. Find the call number in the class schedule for your department or in the internship section at the front of the class schedule.

Requirements for Registration:

  • Attend a one-hour Legal and Professional Issues Session.
  • Pick up registration forms from the Internship Office, ASB 213, CSB.
  • Read, sign, and obtain other signatures for the Internship Agreement and Release form and the Internship Program Agreement.
  • Ask your site supervisor to sign the Liability Insurance for Interns form.
  • Fill out the Internship Address Form.
  • Write a draft of your goals for the registration form, "Registration For Internship - Preliminary Learning Contract." Registrar's Office Forms
  • Ask your faculty moderator and your work site supervisor for suggestions regarding your goals and objectives for the internship.
  • With your faculty moderator, identify the means of evaluation and method of grading (A/F or H/S/U) for your internship.
  • Complete the Registration For Internship form and obtain signatures from your internship site supervisor, faculty moderator and department chairperson.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement BEFORE the end of the semester prior to your internship. (early December for spring internships and mid-April for summer and fall internships) to discuss your internship and to obtain an approval signature. Bring the following completed forms to your appointment:
    • Registration for Internship - Preliminary Learning Contract form
    • Internship Address Form
    • Internship Agreement and Release form
    • Internship Program Agreement form
    • Liability Insurance for Interns form
    • Internship Report Form Packet
    • Resume
  • Hand in the signed Registration For Internship form to the Registrar's Office NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE SEMESTER PRECEDING YOUR INTERNSHIP. To register after the last day of the previous semester permission must be obtained from the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement. The last day to hand in the Registration form to the Registrar is the first day of classes during the term of the internship. You may not start your internship until all your forms are into the internship office.
  • Check with other offices:
    • Student Accounts Office to discuss tuition fees. Spring and fall tuition fees are the same as for other academic credits. Summer internship tuition fees are determined in March. Depending on the type of internship you are participating in there may be a $25.00 charge to you for professional liability insurance coverage.
    • Financial Aid Office regarding your financial aid.
    • Residential Life Office if you need housing during and after your internship.
    • Registrar's Office if you're moving to a new address for the internship.

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