Internship Directories

General resource programs, directories and listing that cover a wide variety of internships.

Additional information for the following Internship Opportunities, including contact information, is available in the Career Resource Centers at St. Ben's and St. John's.

*GMAC RFC – Minneapolis, MN GMAC RFC is a trusted capital partner that provides innovative capital solutions to businesses in a variety of markets and lends money directly to consumers to purchase homes. The organization has a variety of summer internships available to students majoring in business, computer science, finance, or accounting.  These internships are part-time and full-time. The summer program runs from June - Auguststarts in June and pays competitive wages. To apply visit the organization’s website at, click “careers”, click “search career opportunities”, click “view job posting/apply for a job”, and type in the keyword search “internship”. CRC CATEGORIES: INTERNSHIP DIRECTORIES (ID) ADDRESS: GMAC RFCCorporate Office8400 Normandale Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55437PHONE: (952) 832-7000FAX: (952) 857-7252

Institute for Experiential Learning – Washington, DC. The Institute for Experiential Learning (IEL) is Washington’s premier internship program, providing students with real world experience while challenging them through theoretical reflection and academic coursework. IEL students intern with international-oriented organizations including embassies, the Department of State, and international nonprofit agencies. Students must have at least a sophomore standing with a 3.0 GPA. The application deadline is in late November. To apply, send the following to Mary Ryan: a completed application form, two professional recommendations, one peer recommendation, an official transcript, and a $50 non-refundable application fee. CRC CATEGORIES: INTERNSHIP DIRECTORIES (ID) CONTACT: Mary Ryan, Ph.D., Executive Director
ADDRESS: Institute for Experiential Learning1776 Mass. Ave., NW,#201 Washington, DC 20036-1921
PHONE: (202) 833-8580 FAX: (202) 833-8581EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE:

University of Rochester - Rochester, NY. The University of Rochester has been placing undergraduates in Europe since 1977, and are looking forward to having more students each fall and spring semester. Internships will be available in London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, and Berlin. Please stop by the Career Resource Centers at St. John’s or St. Bens to pick up more information on these internships.
CRC CATEGORIES: Internship Directories (ID) CONTACT: Jacqueline Levine  ADDRESS: Box 270376 Rochester, New York 14627-0376PHONE: (585) 275-7532FAX: (585) 461-5153EMAIL: [email protected]