Corrections/Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Full descriptions of the following Internship Opportunities are available in the Internship Files located at the St. Ben’s and St. John’s Career Resource Centers.


ONGOING INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES are listed in alphabetical order. These organizations offer internships year round or every summer. Check the listing for details.

ARCHIVED OPPORTUNITIES are listed in alphabetical order. Don’t overlook these organizations who’ve offered internships in the past. If you find an organization that interests you, check their website or contact them directly for information about current opportunities.


Anoka County Attorney’s Office – Anoka, MN ON-GOING
The Anoka County Victim/Witness Program is seeking students in their junior or senior year for internship positions. The intern should be majoring in criminal justice, criminology, sociology, psychology, political science, pre-law, corrections, social work, or related human service field. The intern will work with victims and witnesses in adult criminal or juvenile delinquency cases. While in the position, the intern will learn the adult or juvenile court process and act as a liaison for victims or witnesses. The internships are hands-on and give students valuable training to prepare them for entering into the field. The internship positions are unpaid. To receive further information contact Deb Sundberg or send a resume and writing sample via mail or email to the address below.

Deb Sundberg
ADDRESS: Anoka County Victim/Witness Program
2100 3rd Ave
Anoka, MN 55303
PHONE: (763) 323-5622
EMAIL: [email protected]

Hennepin County Adult – Pilot City, MN ON-GOING
Hennepin County has the largest Department of Community Corrections in the state. Pilot City is looking for an intern to work with an experienced Probation Officer as she motivates offenders to change. They are looking for candidates who are motivated, professional, and non-judgmental. Interns will learn about their computer systems and the community resources that the probation officers work with to help clients fulfill the requirements of their probation. Applicants need to be juniors or seniors with a 2.5 grade point average. Internships require a minimum of 400 hours. This is an unpaid position.

CRC CATEGORIES: Corrections (CR)

Hennepin County Community Corrections – Minneapolis, MN ON-GOING
Hennepin County Community Corrections is now accepting applications for two intern positions for the 2004 summer. One internship position is for academic credit only. The interns will work as a probation officer assistant and receive hands-on experience in the field of Adult Probation while providing assistance to probation staff. Major functions of the interns include assisting in investigation/supervision, providing needed services to the courts, and providing defendants with information to comply with court orders, including treatment referrals and referrals to community resources. Interns may be placed within the following units: drug court, restitution, neighborhood probation, felony intake, property court, and traditional supervision. Applicants should be juniors or seniors studying criminology, corrections, social work, sociology, psychology, or related field. Both internships are 400 hour commitments. To apply, send an intern application, recent college transcript, resume, and cover letter to the contact below.

Senior Coordinator of Volunteers
ADDRESS: Hennepin County Community Corrections
626 S. Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415
PHONE: 612) 348-6490
EMAIL: [email protected]

Hennepin County Department of Community Corrections – Mpls., MN ON-GOING
Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis (partners for this internship opportunity) are recruiting five interns to be Youth Work-Crew Leaders this summer (June – August). Interns would be working with Hennepin County’s Sentencing to Service (STS) Division, offering summer employment to youth identified by the community and juvenile/adult probation staff. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 4:00 pm. Paid position.
Responsibilities: With assigned work crew, will complete projects such as caring for senior citizens’ lawns, litter control of metropolitan freeway, and other community improvement projects; transport, instruct and supervise the work-crew (six youth ages 15-18).
Qualifications: Must have volunteered 20 hrs. with the Sentencing to Service program for at least twenty hours before mid-May passing a driving record check, drug test and criminal background. (Criminal Justice, Environmental Science, Natural Resources, Youth Studies, Social Services majors.)
Application Process: Send letter of interest and resume no later than mid-March to:

: Bob Hunter
STS Division Manager
ADDRESS: C-2353 Government Center
300 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0533
PHONE:(612) 348-7137
EMAIL: [email protected]

Hennepin County Juvenile Probation – Minneapolis, MN ON-GOING
The Hennepin County Juvenile Probation office has openings for summer and fall internships. Junior and senior students in the areas of criminology, corrections, social work, sociology, psychology and other related fields of study are encouraged to apply. Interns will monitor a large number of restitution cases, establish confirmation that court-orders are being carried out and payments are being made, prepare progress reports accurately and in a timely manner, and decide which cases should be returned to court for non-compliance. This is a 15-40 hours/week position with a minimum commitment of 200 hours. For more information or an application, please contact the information below.

Barb Ritchie
Volunteer/Intern Coordinator
ADDRESS: Hennepin Co. Juvenile Probation
626 S. Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415
PHONE: (612) 348-6490
EMAIL: [email protected]

Juvenile Services Center – Hastings, MN ON-GOING
The intern at the Juvenile Services Center will be responsible for assisting with groups, one-to-one with clients, facilitating exercise, assisting with day-to-day duties, UA testing and reporting and assisting with intake interviews and programming needs. Each intern will attend a general orientation to the Volunteers in Action Program. There will also be mandatory training pertaining to the specific duties of this position. Applicants must be completing an internship for an accredited university or college. The time expected will vary depending on the needs of the individual and the staff. Hours can be from 20 to 40 hours per week with a minimum commitment of 350 hours. For more information contact the volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinator
ADDRESS: Juvenile Services Center
14955 Galaxie Ave.
Apple Valley, MN
PHONE: (952) 891-7151

Minnesota Correctional Facility – St. Cloud, MN ON-GOING
CSB/SJU students have interned at this site in the past. Contact the organization directly for information about current openings.

Minnesota Department of Corrections – St. Paul, MN  ON-GOING
The Minnesota Department of Corrections has a number of different positions available for this upcoming Spring Semester. There are internships in Minnesota including: Shakopee, St. Cloud, Red Wing, Moose Lake, Lino Lakes, Faribault, Bayport, Saint Paul, Oak Park, and Willow River. These positions are in different correctional facilities. Some of them are women’s prison, a male prison, and a juvenile minimum-security facility. All of these typically have an Application Deadline of the end of September.
CRC CATEGORIES: Corrections (CR)

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension - St. Paul ON-GOING
The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is now offering an internship opportunity for Spring. The internship position will provide investigative and analytical aid to Bureau agents conducting complicated criminal investigations, Assist in researching and preparing for training offered to peace officers around the state, participate in staff and case management meetings, and assist in maintaining and operating Bureau equipment. Students must be a sophomore or above at a college or university fulfilling an internship requirement in a field applicable to criminal justice. Hours are negotiable and flexible (duration of internship is dependent on number of credits earned.
CRC CATEGORIES: Corrections (CR)

Minnesota Department of Public Safety – St. Paul, MN ON-GOING
The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Justice Apprehension (BCA) protects the public by providing accurate, timely and complete investigative assistance, forensics laboratory services, criminal justice information systems, finger print information, and training to the criminal justice community throughout Minnesota.  Interns may be placed in the Special Investigation Unit, Predatory Offenders Registration Unit, Training and Development Unit or the Minnesota Gang Strike Force. The intern must be at junior or senior and be majoring in the field of criminal justice. The intern must possess a valid driver’s license, submit a thorough background investigation, and must provide proof of a successful Hepatitis immunization program. The duration of the internship is a semester long, with a minimum of 200 hours. The spring internship runs from January through May with an application deadline on the last Friday in October, summer internships go from May through August with an application deadline on the last Friday in March, and the fall internship goes from August through December with an application deadline on the last Friday in June. To apply, the student should submit a completed State of Minnesota Internships application, a cover letter outlining career goals and explaining the source of interest in an internship with the BCA, a resume, and a letter from the college official overseeing your internship verifying that this is an authorized college/university program.
CONTACT: Judy Novotny
DPS Internship Coordinator
ADDRESS: Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Human Resources
444 Cedar Street, Suite 135
Town Square
St. Paul, MN 55101-5135

North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation – Fargo, ND ON-GOING
ND Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation are looking for interns who would want to work with offenders that are low-income individuals. Interns would also teach life skills including financial/Budgeting, employment, food & nutrition, health & fitness, stress, social skills/situations etc.) The last Chance Program that the intern would be involved in coordinates efforts with local agencies to reduce welfare assistance, unemployment and poverty. Another goal of the program is to lower recidivism and increase vocational and social skills while providing for safer and healthier North Dakota Communities.
CRC CATEGORIES: Corrections (CR)

Sherburne County Victim Services – Elk River, MN                         ON-GOING
As a Victim/Witness volunteer intern with Sherburne County, one will be involved with major crime prosecution from inception to conclusion.  The intern will work closely with law enforcement, prosecutors, court administrators and probation officers and get a first-hand experience in the internal working of both a mid-sized prosecutor’s office and an evolving criminal court system. The intern will have direct contact with victims in answering questions regarding the case and the court process, assisting victims with restitution claims, and providing community referrals on an individual’s behalf.  This internship is offered through Erin O’Toole Tomczik, a CSB alum.  Interested students should contact the following:
CONTACT:     Holly Lammers
ADDRESS:    Sherburne County Victims/Witness Services
                 13880 Highway 10
                 Elk River, MN 55330
PHONE:        (763) 241-2674 or (800) 433-5244

Washington County Community Corrections – Washington County, MN       ON-GOING
Washington County Community Corrections is seeking individuals interested in gaining knowledge through an internship concerning probation and parole.  The intern will co-facilitate a Cognitive Behavioral Interventions curriculum to high risk adult offenders, manage a caseload of adult/juvenile offenders, attend court proceedings, date entry, and be involved with training opportunities.  The intern must be of junior status, submit to a BCA Criminal History and License check, and possess a valid driver’s license.  The intern should be available to work 20 hours per week for a full semester.  Contact Corey Mabis for application information.
CONTACT:     Corey Mabis
PHONE:        (651) 430-6926 or (651) 430-6948
E-MAIL:        [email protected]

WATCH – Minneapolis, MN                                              ON-GOING
The mission of WATCH is to make the justice system more effective and responsive in handling cases of violence, particularly against women and children, and to create a more informed and involved public.  WATCH is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that monitors cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse/neglect in Hennepin County.  The intern will have the opportunity to observe Hennepin County court cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or child abuse/neglect and report significant data so that the information can be used to track individual cases as well as important trends.  The intern will also become familiar with issues facing victims when encountering the justice system and other resources available to women in the community.  No specific qualifications are required.  Students interested in Criminal Justice, Women’s Issues, Psychology, Sociology, and/or Social Services may be interested in this internship.  This is an unpaid, one semester, minimum of 8 hours per week position. Shifts are available from 8:30 a.m. to noon, or 1:15 to 4:30 p.m.  To apply and/or receive an application, contact the person below.
CONTACT:     Libby Wyrum
                 WATCH Volunteer Coordinator
                 608 2nd Ave S., Suite 1001, Northstar East
                 Minneapolis, MN 55402
E-MAIL:       [email protected]



City of Ramsey – Ramsey, MN
The City of Ramsey is looking for a Crime Prevention Specialist Intern.  This intern would assist with coordination and presentation of crime prevention programs such as National Night Out, CompuKid and safety seminars.  The intern will also coordinate the youth tobacco checker database, scheduling for Anoka County Law Enforcement, and work with their database.  This is a paid position for the summer of 2002.
CRC CATEGORIES: Corrections (CR)

Council on Crime and Justice – Minneapolis, MN
The Council on Crime and Justice is currently offering a spring semester internship.  The crime victim liaison intern will provide liaison services to prosecutors and victims of crime to assure that crime victims are included in the criminal justice process.  The intern should have strong communication skills, an understanding of legal processes and experience working with diverse populations.  On-site training and supervision is provided.  This is an eight hour per week position with hours between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Please contact Teressa Pivec for further questions or information.
CONTACT:    Teressa Pivec
                 Human Resources Manager
ADDRESS:    Council on Crime and Justice
                 822 S. 3rd St., Suite 100
                 Minneapolis, MN 55415
PHONE:       (612) 348-2860
EMAIL:        [email protected]

Dakota County Community Corrections – Dakota County, MN
Dakota County Community Corrections is looking for an intern to work as a probation officer in the Juvenile Supervision Unit.  This intern may perform a variety of tasks including: supervising and monitoring clients, making appropriate referrals, assisting clients, filling out reports, verifying information, keeping records, and accompanying clients to appointments.  Interns should have good interview skills, the ability to maintain confidentiality, the ability to establish accurate records, be an independent worker, and have good written and verbal communication skills.  The intern will be expected to work 10 hours a week for a minimum of three months.  A training program is also required for this position.  This is an unpaid position but interns will be reimbursed for mileage and parking fees. 
CONTACT:    Volunteer Coordinator
ADDRESS:    Community Correction
                 14955 Galaxie Ave.
                 Apple Valley, MN 55124
PHONE:       (952) 891-7151

Dakota County Probation Service Center– Apple Valley, MN
The Probation Service Center (PSC) is a center where 50+ clients report and may be seen at once by a supervising Probation Officer.  The intern will assist in updating files prior to PSC sessions, make computer queries on Trial Court Information Systems (TCIS) and Court Services Tracking Systems (CSTS), file, copy, and provide assistance at PSC sessions. There is general orientation and training that will take place before the position starts.  The internship is available to individuals over 18 years of age, that have a high school diploma or GED, that are able to maintain confidentiality of client information and court records, and have the ability to work independently within department and program policies.  This is an ongoing internship. The position is 8 hours a week for a semester intern or 6 months if a volunteer.  This includes Thursday mornings and evening meetings. 

Dakota County Juvenile Services Center – Apple Valley, MN
The Dakota County Juvenile Services Center is a secure treatment and detention facility.  Juveniles are placed at the JSC because they have committed a criminal act.  There are a multiple number of internships available they are: a volunteer probation officer, cognitive skills group facilitator, and a librarian/resource coordinator.  Please check with the Career Resource Centers for more information.
CRC CATEGORIES: Corrections (CR)

Goodhue County Adult Detention Center – Red Wing, MN
The Goodhue County Adult Detention Center is seeking a motivated activity coordinator to work with a diverse population in their direct supervision jail.  Interns will create and implement various programs and activities inside their facility, participate in activities acting as a mentor and role model, and are a team member and leader within their Programs and Services Departments.  Prospective interns should have an interest in programming, counseling, recreation, law enforcement, or education.  Students may qualify to earn internship credits.  This internship will start approximately June 15 and end August 15.  For more information use the contact information below.
CONTACT:  Matthew Bechel
ADDRESS:  Goodhue County ADC
               430 W. 6th St. 
               Red Wing, MN  55066
PHONE:     (651) 267-2815
FAX:         (651) 267-2729
E-MAIL:     [email protected]

Hennepin County Services – Minneapolis, MN
Hennepin County is offering a hands-on professional experience internship in the field of adult probation. The intern will assist probation officers in providing investigation reports for the court or in supervising offenders in their completion of court-ordered conditions.  The intern functions will include providing needed services to the courts, referring probationers to community resources, and collaborating with other law enforcement representatives and criminal justice agencies.  Intern placements are available in the following units: drug court, restitution, traditional supervision, domestic assault supervision, sex offender unit, and inter/intrastate probation.  The intern must receive academic credit and put in 400 hours of unpaid work within this position.  Internships are available year round.  Students majoring in criminal justice, social work, psychology, sociology, human services, or related field are encouraged to apply.  Students must have a grade point average of 2.5 or more.  To apply and/or receive an intern application, email [email protected]. A completed application, college transcript, and resume can be sent to either of the contacts below.
CONTACT:     Senior Coordinator of Volunteers
PHONE:        (612) 348-6983
FAX:             (612) 348-8757
EMAIL:         [email protected] or [email protected]

Hopkins Police Department – Hopkins, MN
The City of Hopkins Police Department is seeking an intern to assist patrol officers in day-to-day functions, assist with investigations, and to learn the processes of dispatch, records, and police liaison divisions. The intern will gain valuable experience in a law enforcement setting.  This is an unpaid opportunity with rotating days, nights, and weekend shifts.  The internship is approximately 200 hours in length.  The department is currently accepting applications for 2005 spring/summer semesters.  Interested candidates should email, write, or fax a letter of interest by Marcy 31, 2005 to Officer Gretchen Monahan. 
CONTACT:     Officer Gretchen Monahan, Intern Coordinator
ADDRESS:     Hopkins Police Department
                 1010 1st St. S.
                 Hopkins, MN 55343
PHONE:        (952) 939-1375
FAX:            (952) 938-8885
EMAIL:         [email protected]

Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin-Oneida, WI
The Oneida Tribe of Indians is looking for a Security Guard Intern for their gaming division buildings. Interns will patrol buildings, observe customer/employee gaming activities, verify winnings, and assist customers. This is a paid position.
CRC CATEGORIES: Corrections (CR)

St. Paul Police Department – St. Paul, MN
The St. Paul Police Department is seeking an intern for the late summer and early fall.  The intern may work in a number of different areas including: K-9, vice, force, homicide, fraud and forgery, and juvenile.  The intern will be able to participate in police ride-alongs, and will gain more knowledge about the city of St. Paul.  This is an unpaid position.
CONTACT:    Officer Keith Draz
PHONE: (651) 266-5525